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Thread: OT in the MISHNAH database

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    Exclamation OT in the MISHNAH database

    For those interested, Alexander Samely has put together a fantastic collection of his comments on all of the Old Testament quotes (and allusions)in the Mishnah (except for those quotes found in tractate Aboth). The database can be searched by tractate or by OT reference.

    This a great resource for anyone interested in studying the use of the Old Testament by early Jewish and Christian writers!

    Take a look:

    Database of Midrashic Units in the Mishnah
    Jim Darlack - Associate Director of Goddard Library /
    Reference Librarian at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Gloucester Assembly of God | Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
    The 'Unofficial' BibleWorks Blog | Old in the New | Facebook | LibraryThing

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    Default Updated link?

    Is there an updated link, the one in the OP no longer appears to be valid.

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    Default updated url

    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
    Professor of Biblical Studies
    Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg -
    Biblical Studies and Technological Tools

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    Default Thanks!


    Thanks for sharing!

    a;koue( VIsrah,l( ku,rioj o` qeo.j h`mw/n ku,rioj ei-j evstin( kai. avgaph,seij ku,rion to.n qeo,n sou evx o[lhj th/j kardi,aj sou kai. evx o[lhj th/j yuch/j sou kai. evx o[lhj th/j dianoi,aj sou kai. evx o[lhj th/j ivscu,oj souĊ

    עשׁה שׁלום במרומיו הוא יעשׂה שׁלום עלינו ועל כל ישׂראל ואמרו אמן׃

    "Will you rise like a lion in the morning sun or will you just lay there bleeding? When the time has come, return to the Kingdom, close my eyes and be screaming freedom!" - Matisyahu

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