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Thread: The Liddell-Scott Jones (LSJ) Greek-English Lexicon available for free through TLG!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric View Post
    I may not have this right, but I thought that BW had an abridged version of LSJ and that the TLG version was a full version. Is that correct?
    Eric, see these posts about it on the BibleWorks blog (first and second). (The original posting had pictures with the posts which must have been lost in transferring over the blog to a different server.)

    Or see it on the BibleWorks order page.

    It's definitely a valuable resource if Greek is your thing. If you're a biblical Greek guy, BDAG should be your first lexical purchase hands down, but the LSJM should be added to your list too.
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    FWIW, the folks at TLG revised their description of the LSJ release to include the fact that BibleWorks has its own digital version.

    ...A CD ROM version published by Logos Software incorporated the 1996 Supplement and many improvements and corrections to the printed version. Similarly BibleWorks has also produced a version that includes the LSJ Supplement with links of the Supplement entries to the main lexicon headwords....
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