BibleWorks Training Workshop Hosting Requirements

1. A room seating at least 30 people with tables. This room does not need to be equipped with computers, but the host will need to provide electrical outlets or an adequate number of power strips with outlets for participants' laptops to be connected to. Workshop participants will be encouraged to bring laptops with BibleWorks installed. For more information on workshop format see the details for one of the currently scheduled workshops posted on the training page of our website.

2. A computer projector and a projector screen so the class can see the instructor's computer screen. Screen, projector, and room need to be adequate to allow all participants to see clearly.

3. A podium that can accommodate the instructor's laptop and notes.

4. A chair or stool high enough for the instructor to sit at behind the podium.

5. Refreshments (coffee and soft drinks are adequate) to be served mid-workshop for both the morning and the afternoon workshops. The two workshops are each 3 hours long, so this is very important.

6. Someone available as a liaison to assist with any unforeseen needs on the day of the seminar.

7. Willingness to publicize the workshops to all affiliates that might be interested in your region.

8. Willingness to open registration to people in the surrounding community if the workshop is not full by a certain date.

9. Workshop registration can be handled in two different ways. When contacting us for training, please indicate which option you prefer.

Option 1: We handle the registration for both workshops. All publicity directs people to contact BibleWorks to sign up for the workshop. The cost to each registrant will be $60. A deposit of $400 is required from the hosting church, school or institution to secure a workshop date. If sufficient registrations are received to cover the cost of the workshop the deposit will be refunded to the host institution.

Option 2: Host organization handles the registration for both workshops. BibleWorks simply provides the instructor. Your organization would then simply submit a single payment to BibleWorks, LLC for the training. The total cost would be around $1600, but would depend on the trainer's time and expenses. We can give a precise figure for your organization if this is the method you prefer.

If you have questions or if you would like to host a future workshop email or call 888-747-8200.