BibleWorks Site Licensing

Organizations with five or more BibleWorks users may be eligible for discounted site license pricing.  BibleWorks network/multi-user/site licensing is available to permanent party staff of churches, seminaries, Bible colleges, universities, libraries, and other institutions and organizations.


  1. A BibleWorks network (site) license is available for up to a given number of simultaneous permanent party (faculty and staff) users (controlled and accountable "nodes") at one physically contiguous site (or within one network domain), with the exception outlined in point 3 below.
  2. While BibleWorks may be installed on the entire site network and/or workstations, the institution must limit concurrent access (such as via metering software or controlled standalone installations) to the given number of nodes (simultaneous users) licensed. If  concurrent access cannot be controlled and verified, each networked or standalone computer must count as one node.
  3. Permission is granted for use on institution-owned machines in a multi-user library facility or computer lab facility, and for faculty use at home offices within the constraints of this license, as outlined in points 1 and 2 above.
    a. Faculty permission to use BibleWorks at home offices (or laptops) does not release the institution from the constraint of limited concurrent access.
    b. Faculty permission to use BibleWorks at a home office is under the umbrella of the institution's site license. License ownership remains with the school. Faculty members may not take site license copies of BibleWorks with them if they leave the institution.
    c. Example: An institution has a 15-node license, 5 nodes for student access in the computer lab and 10 for the 10 professors in the Biblical Studies department. Since only Biblical Studies professors can access these 10 nodes at school, those 10 professors are also permitted to install BibleWorks in their home offices.
  4. Except for faculty and staff users, BibleWorks may not be run over remote session services such as Remote Desktop Services, Citrix, VPN access, etc.  Faculty and staff users may use remote access to run BibleWorks if they are also permitted to run BibleWorks at a home office (as above).


  1. Minimum BibleWorks 10 Site/Multi-User/Network License: five (5) user nodes for US$1250.
  2. Each additional BibleWorks 10 user node is US$250 and may be ordered later.
  3. Shipping & handling are additional. If you already have a BibleWorks 10 unit, it may be used for installation on other nodes. We'll ship up to two physical boxed units with your order upon request.
  4. This license fee does not cover costs for any future upgrades from BibleWorks 10. To upgrade a site license from BibleWorks 8 or 9, the upgrade license fee is US$125 per node.  To obtain Revision 4 DVDs for an existing BibleWorks 9 site license, the cost is US$10 per node.
  5. Extra-cost BibleWorks modules may be installed as part of site licenses at similar discounts.  Please contact BibleWorks for exact prices.  If BibleWorks is being run from a server, the number of module licenses must match the number of BibleWorks nodes.


  1. What are network system requirements for BibleWorks?
    A site license is installed using procedures at BibleWorks can be installed on a server so that only a few files are installed on client machine hard drives.  BibleWorks Customer Support can assist with the network installation.
  2. Is there a separate network version of BibleWorks?
    There is no separate "Network" or "Multi-user" BibleWorks version: the standard BibleWorks program will work on Windows machines over a network. BibleWorks also permits "Personalized Network Configurations," a feature enabling network system operators to set up "user accounts" on the main server computer. Individual users can have their own BibleWorks configurations--personal verse notes, preferences, etc.--when they access BibleWorks from any computer on the node.
  3. Can a site license be used with the BibleWorks Mac Installer on Apple computers?
    Yes, but only in a standalone mode.  The Installer must be loaded on each Apple computer node.
  4. How do I order or upgrade a site license?
    First, appoint a "Site License Administrator," an ongoing point of contact for the license who completes and returns pages 1-4 of, the BibleWorks Site License Agreement. Upon receipt, BibleWorks Customer Support ( will invoice the Administrator for the requested number of nodes.  (Site licenses cannot be ordered or upgraded through the BibleWorks Internet Store.)  Upon receipt of payment or a Purchase Order, Customer Support will ship site license materials and installation instructions to the Administrator and register the license in BibleWorks's records.  No registration action by the site is required.
  5. Why are students not allowed to use the BibleWorks site license on their computers?
    The site license is priced for use on faculty, staff, and institution-owned computers only. Pricing the license for use on student computers would make it totally unaffordable. BibleWorks provides a popular program ( offering students a discounted copy they can carry with them at graduation.