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Review: BibleWorks 8 offers serious study help

Ryan Clopton

Biblical Recorder, January 14, 2010.

URL: [Retrieved on 2010-02-09]

Jewish poet Hayyim Nachman Bialik once said that “he who reads the Bible in translation is like a man who kisses his bride through a veil.”

The new BibleWorks 8 software is definitely a remarkable tool that will bring many to a new relationship with scripture. 

BibleWorks 8 is specifically for exegetical work in the original languages of the Bible. If one is looking for what others say about the Bible through commentaries, BibleWorks software is not the program for you; if digging into the original languages of the Bible and the grammatical perspective which provides for a fresh personal understanding of the Bible, BibleWorks is precisely what you are looking for. 

Comparing this software to what is available cheaply or online for free is like comparing horse and buggy to plane travel. Other low cost programs will enable simple word searches, but BibleWorks explores a new level of detail previously unavailable at low cost. 

If you are unfamiliar with BibleWorks, you might be asking, “Just what can this program do?”  If you need parsing of a Greek or Hebrew word, simply put the mouse over the word. If you need to find out where a word occurs in the Septuagint or among the 30 other new translations, got it. What about finding a certain word occurrence while limiting the search to a certain verb form or clause type? Simply a few mouse clicks is all you need. 

Need to search for occurrences of demonstrative pronouns while organizing the results? BibleWorks can suit your fancy. Regardless of how elite your current exegetical skill, this program will always maintain the ability to surprise with its capability and power. No other Bible software matches the remarkable speed and intricate detail of BibleWorks 8 language software. It sells for $349.

For those who are less tech savvy such as me, BibleWorks 8 does not forget you. Once the program is installed, newcomers are introduced with a variety of videos that carefully describe the basic features and intricacies of the program. In addition to these videos, F-1 can be pressed for every tool to get users back on track. Users are also free to email BibleWorks for a quick reply on any problems or questions about the program.

If you already know the remarkable capabilities of previous versions of BibleWorks software, you will definitely want to know the amazing changes in version 8. One great improvement is that both the Phrase Matching Tool and the Related Verses Tool now search beyond the biblical texts to include all resource fields from the Apostolic Fathers to Philo. 

Another program improvement is the ability to name tabs and easily move between them.  Dozens of new languages and grammar resources previously not included are now part of the original package. Text can now be read aloud which was unavailable in previous additions. 

Many users who have switched also enjoy the text exporting improvement that allows for easy formatting changes when text is cut or pasted. In addition there is a new cross-reference improvement that shows all available verse cross references with a simple move of the mouse over the word in focus. Most remarkable is the continuation of a program that allows even the novice in biblical languages to use their understanding of their heart language to fully explore and dig into the actual language of the Bible. 

Want to know what it’s like to finally kiss the bride of biblical languages and teach your people what the Bible says? BibleWorks 8 unleashes the power of Bible software.

Ryan Clopton is a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.


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