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A Review of BibleWorks 8

Kenneth D. Litwak

Journal of Religious & Theological Information, Volume 8, Issue 1 & 2 January 2009, pages 97 - 99

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Excerpt: “...BibleWorks 8 makes a wealth of texts and tools easily available to individuals, such as faculty and advanced graduate students. It has many benefits, such as, being able to look up quickly a given word in the Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament: Based on Semantic Domains without having to use both of the hardbound volumes is a great timesaver. … The ability to pick and choose among additional databases, over time, is also helpful. One does not need to buy one large block of extra databases in order to get one or two that will be frequently used while the others are ignored. For libraries, BibleWorks 8 provides many translations and tools that can ease otherwise strained collection-development budgets, not having then to spend money to duplicate many infrequently used or older works that might be considered unacceptable by many faculty members. … BibleWorks 8 is a significant improvement over previous versions and would make an excellent addition to either an individual’s or a library’s collection.”

Kenneth D. Litwak is Adjunct Reference Librarian at Azusa Pacific University.


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