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Can’t imagine my career without BibleWorks 10!

Product review on Amazon (September 4, 2017):

I’ve been using BibleWorks for nearly 25 years.  I can’t imagine my career over the last two decades without it! During this time I’ve been a Wycliffe translator, part-time pastor, taught Greek and Hebrew in seminary, and am now a Bible Translation consultant. BibleWorks has been an indispensable part of my daily job all along the way.

BibleWorks is unmatched in its ability to do morphological searches in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic – even down to accents (Greek and Hebrew), and even vowel points and dagesh forte (in Hebrew)!  I can search phrases, whole words, or even parts of words. I can search for co-occurring words, or “either / or” words (e.g., “Jesus” or “Christ”); and I can even specify a range of verses (e.g., “Jesus” or “Christ,” within 3 verses of each other. I can limit the books I want to search in, and export or copy the search results.

The ability to arrange the display versions in whatever order I want (e.g., Hebrew at the top, Aramaic next, Syriac, the LXX, the Vulgate, then NASB, Spanish, etc.) allows me to see, “above the fold,” the relevant materials I need—all at once. There is a vast selection of Bibles available in many modern languages as well, too many to mention here.

The morphological and other word-level data is impressive. There is no “click” necessary to see parsings of the original words – only a cursor rollover. The “Tabs” features help me greatly. The tabs I use the most are (1) Stats: shows, in table form, the books and frequencies in which the searched word occurs; (2) X-refs: gives very helpful cross-references for content of a verse; (3) Analysis: parses the word and gives lexicon entries for installed lexicons; (4) Use: shows where a given word is used elsewhere in that same book; and (5) Form: instantly see every morphological form of a Greek or Hebrew word simply by mousing over it. Results can be ordered alphabetically, frequency or by form.

As for other on-board resources, with just a mouse click or two I regularly access Brown-Driver-Briggs, Holladay, and even the Theological Wordbook of the OT. As for NT lexica I frequently use Liddell-Scott, Gingrich, Moulton & Milligan’s Vocabulary of the NT.   Grammar resources I frequent are Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic paradigms, Gesenius’ and Joüon’s Hebrew grammars, Bible dictionaries, and maps.  It even has the Babylonian Talmud, which I consult from time to time.

BibleWorks has even more useful functions and resources, which I’ve not mentioned here.  A nice feature of BibleWorks 10 is that now you can scale the screen font sizes, for a better fit for projectors or tablets.

The help features, files, and videos are user friendly, and guide me through in a timely fashion.

For the reasons listed above BibleWorks 10 is among the first resources I open every day as I work.  I highly recommend it to anyone whose job requires them to delve into the original text of the Bible.

Joel Harlow, Ph.D. is a Bible Translation Consultant.


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