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Bible Works For Windows 5.0

by Clifford Goldstein

Ministry Magazine, November 2002.

Allow me a bit of hyperbole: I have divided my life into two epochs: B-BWW and A-BWW; that is, before Bible Works for Windows and after Bible Works for Windows.

I don't know who first turned me on to BWW but about seven years ago I bought the software, and life hasn't been the same since. It has revolutionized my study of the Bible. It was incredible not only how easy BWW is to use, but how much is available on this program. I have used it nonstop since I first got it, and will until death, Alzheimer's, or the Second Coming intercedes.

Now I have BWW 5.0, which leaves BWW 3.5 in the dust. I am amazed at what an incredible array of research options you have at the click of a mouse. It's hard for me to imagine life without BWW. Every new computer I ever get, or new operating system that I put in, the first thing that goes on is BWW. Only those who use it will know what I am talking about.

Anyway, let me just scratch the surface of BWW 5.0. Besides the basic tools of searching in all sorts of languages (everything from Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, English [numerous versions] to Vietnamese, Romanian, and even Albanian), BWW 5.0 has what's called the "Report Generator," which allows you to do the most incredible and detailed word analysis on any text or set of texts you could imagine. You just set the search parameters, and click on the boxes next to what you want it to do, and VoilĂ ! More research at your fingertips in an instant than you could do in a month of conventional study.

Cross version search mode allows you to search different versions of the Bible for the same key word(s): The synoptic dialogue allows you to have all the synoptic gospels set out in parallel before you; there's a great editor window that allows you to write your sermons or take notes right in the program itself without having to toggle in and out; there's an advanced search engine, an interlinear display, a parallel version display, Strong's number display, and on and on . . . .

What's more, BWW has a great Web site ( with all sorts of downloads, patches, and updates. Technical support has been great too.

What can I say? If you're looking for a Bible software program for serious Bible study, sermon preparation, or even for personal devotions, you've just read the right article.

BWW 5.0. Enter a new epoch.

Clifford Goldstein is editor of Adult Bible Study Guides. He resides in Silver Spring, Maryland.


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