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BibleWorks  6


By Dr. Gary D. Lee and Brad McLean

BibleWorks 6 proves to be an excellent resource for word studies and word searches. The program brings together volumes of Greek and Hebrew word study sources and places them at your fingertips. At first glance, your eyes are immediately drawn to the multiple options available for word studies or searches. These options, which consist of three Hebrew Lexicons and five Greek Lexicons with the option of adding two extra, offer some of the same information but in slightly different formats. No matter which word study format you gravitate to the quickest, you will never be left wanting for more information. What you cannot find in one lexicon you are sure to find in another. Although so much information is only a click away, it will take time to learn the program but taking that time to become proficient in BibleWorks 6 will prove to be advantageous to your sermon preparation as well as time management. You can also visit BibleWorks website or sign up for their newsletter to find out when you can take advantage of some of the inexpensive seminars they offer. However, with its different interfaces and video tutorials, even beginners, utilizing the beginner's mode, can get up and running in a short time. A word to the wise here, when using the power user mode be advised that you need to be certain that you are aware of how to analyze advanced grammatical forms in the original languages.

The Linear Morphology Display is a wonderful tool for the aspiring Greek scholar. This helpful feature displays each word from a verse parsed in the Greek. By clicking on a particular word, an extensive discussion of the word appears at the bottom of the box. Perhaps the most helpful part of the Linear Morphology Display is the immediate parsing of the Greek text. What an exciting feature for the preacher wanting to bring out the powerful message of God's Word. Add to the Linear Morphology Display the other lexicons and Robertson's Word Pictures, BibleWorks 6 proves to be a one-stop shop for word studies.

A second but more complicated feature is the word search option. This feature allows the user to get as complicated as he or she desires but not without effort. The documentation provided with the program and the online help does well to explain how to use the command codes that make the process easier. Fortunately, for the user the instruction book also includes many command search codes.

From a Greek/Hebrew perspective, BibleWorks 6 is a tool that is second to none. The information is easy to read and with a little practice, easy to navigate. The advantages of BibleWorks 6 does not stop here. Along with all of the Greek/Hebrew resources you receive 92 translations of the Bible in 28 languages, various versions of the OT, NT and LXX in the original languages. That should be enough to keep any scholar, seminary student or Sunday School teacher steeped in endless research.

Seminary students can also benefit from the Greek/Hebrew vocabulary flashcards included in this version. It also includes an excellent sentence diagramming function that allows for easier sentence structure analysis.

In closing, let me bring two things to you mind. First, I really appreciate the vision off this company. According to their website, there vision is:

The purpose of BibleWorks, LLC is to provide pastors, teachers, students, and missionaries with the tools they need to "rightly divide the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15). There are other companies that exist to do this as well, but BibleWorks comes to this task with some unique differences in approach and philosophy: We exist to serve the church, not to make a profit, and all of our business decisions are made with that in mind. Our goal is to provide a complete package containing the tools most essential for the task of interpreting the Scriptures in the original Greek and Hebrew, and to do it at a price that poor pastors and students can afford. To accomplish this task we routinely make marketing and sales decisions that many would consider to be bad business but which serve our primary goals. On the other hand, because everything that we do reflects on our real employer, the Lord Jesus Christ, it is our desire to provide a professionally executed and supported software package, while at the same time compensating employees with reasonable salaries that are competitive with the rest of the software industry. We try to treat both our customers and our employees as we would like to be treated ourselves. We are thankful that the Lord has blessed our efforts thus far and look to the future with expectations of further blessing, for as long as the Lord desires.

Guys, you just have to love a business that is this in love with our Savior and those called to do his work. Second, I have two specials words for you, and these are important words for pastors in associations and seminary students, the words are GROUP DISCOUNT. Check it out at their site because it is substantial.

What else can we say, Brad? Nothing other than, we wish you many hours of pleasurable and thought provoking language research to the glory of Christ Jesus.

Dr. Gary D. Lee is president of and is a faculty member in the Department of Biblical Studies and Preaching, Master's Divinity School, Evansville, Indiana. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Biblical Preaching (FIBP) which provides a training program in expository preaching and is affiliated with Olford Ministries International.

Brad McLean is associate editor of and currently serves as Senior Pastor of Berean Baptist Church, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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