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BibleWorks 5: A letter from a pastor

From Arthur J. Fox, March 2002

Why do I love BibleWorks? Simple. I am a pastor who works from the original text of Scripture for two sermons each week and alludes to that text in Bible Studies. To properly prepare to preach or teach the Word of God I simply must be able to find information quickly.

Your original language tools save me the trouble of first going to an index to BDB for Hebrew or a BDAG for Greek, and THEN looking through the pages and then the specific articles for the reference to my verse or word form. You also save me trouble in parsing, and then give me (currently by my choice) 8 versions, 5 of them in English to compare very quickly.

I am preaching through Matthew and have no less than three harmonies on my book shelf. But your synoptic tool gives me the parallel in seconds! And for comparing Scripture with Scripture I suspect Augustine and Calvin might have been the only ones (due to their voluminous knowledge of Scripture) who could come close to finding all the references, say, to white horses in connection to Revelation 6:2 as I did today. And then there are the Bible Encyclopedias--I found several pages of information on the Pharisees just the other day and it helped finalize my research.

I could not do what I do as efficiently or accurately as I do it with the help of Bible Works. I eagerly anticipate the next version.

Arthur J. Fox is pastor of Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Middletown, PA.


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