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Software for Bible research: BibleWorks 5.0

By Cristian Dumitrescu

"Student Movement"
Andrews University
May 2002

BibleWorks 5.0 is a Windows-based high-end Bible research software that facilitates the study of the Scriptures in both original languages and modern versions. It allows a grammatical analysis combined with different resource referencing. Version 5.0 features over 90 versions and translations of the Bible in 28 languages, with cross-version search capability, and access to fully indexed Greek and Hebrew Lexicons and Dictionaries.

Recently two new reference modules have been added (HALOT, BAGD), with the full Brown, Driver and Briggs following soon [Editor's Note: Brown Driver Briggs is now part of BibleWorks 5]. It boasts a powerful search engine, with different interfaces for beginners, intermediate, and power users. Parallel versions can be searched simultaneously, and results compared, including even accents and vowel points. Boolean operators facilitate searching single words or strings of words, and other helpful limitations related to morphology and grammatical tagging. This can be easily done in the advanced search, where one can type words in boxes and specify the relationships between them. A verse report generator allows the user to compile the biblical text and related additional information, and print or export it for later study to a Word processor.

The new version of BibleWorks is more flexible and versatile. An auto-info window allows the user to visualize the grammatical forms and dictionary entry for the word on which the cursor moves. It comes with an excellent and comprehensive manual, featuring step-by-step instructions, and also an additional CD with four hours of video training. The program provides an automatic update (via Help button) and also Web page update. Excellent support is provided via phone, e-mail, the web, and the publisher's listserv. Suggestions and needs are welcome, and most probably included in the update features and also a future version.

BibleWorks 5.0 requires Windows 95 or a more recent version, minimum 32 Mb of RAM, and 200 Mb of Hard Drive space (1.4 GB for full database installation)....

Cristian Dumitrescu is a student at Andrews University.


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