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BibleWorks 6

Ordained Servant (Spring 2004)

by Arthur Fox

If you have the ability to purchase just one Bible Software Program for yourself, or perhaps for your pastor, this is the one to buy. I have been using this program for several years, beginning I believe, with version 1. And each upgrade surpasses the last. This current edition, version 6, is more than an electronic concordance. It is, as they have noted on the box, Software for Biblical Exegesis and Research.

I could go on for pages about its features, which include, yes, an electronic concordance that produces a set of references for any word in any version of Scripture within mere seconds, Hebrew and Greek Bibles in several editions (all the latest editions), 92 Bible translations in 28 languages, all of them included and unlocked, grammatical tools for Greek and Hebrew (Burton's Moods and Tenses, and Futato's Beginning Biblical Hebrew Tutorial, both unlocked), a tool for diagramming verses in any language, 3 Bible Encyclopedias, Matthew Henry's Commentary, Josephus' Histories, and I could go on. There are also more grammatical tools to be unlocked, (Bauer's Greek Lexicon and The Hebrew and Aramaic Lexicon of the Old Testament, also known as HALOT) as well as the Qumran Sectarian Manuscripts.

All of that is important information, but what those of you who study the bible carefully, especially ministers, ruling elders, licentiates and seminary students, need to know is that this program is easy to use. It has an easily understandable manual and 4 hours of videos that demonstrate how to use the various features of the program. In less than ½ hour you will be finding information in the Bible at lightning speed, and in just a few hours you will master the basic tools for research that this program has available to you. You will spend much longer learning new ways this program can help you in your research.

I use this program each day to help me translate my text for preaching or teaching. I find my Greek and Hebrew have remained sharp because there is a parsing tool included in the program, and my vocabulary skills have remained stable and I am learning more about syntax. I can do the basic research for a sermon or a lesson, including translation, in just a couple of hours or less with this program. I no longer need to pore through pages of a lexicon to find definitions, nor do I need to examine small type to find cross references. Easily 10-12 hours of research is reduced to 2-4 hours at most because of this program. I cannot imagine doing what I do as a minister without BibleWorks. Version 6 has made it all that much easier-quite a feat, since each earlier version did the same thing!

Arthur Fox is pastor of Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Middletown, PA.


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