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What our customers have said over the years...


I cannot write anything without it

I am a theologian and have been relying on BibleWorks for many years. I cannot write anything without it. It has transformed my use of scripture. It has enabled me to write more freely because all the lexical aids and various translations are immediately available as is considerable patristic use of the texts on which I also rely. The ease with which I can move back and forth between the original languages and translations streamlines my research so that I can better focus my train of thought and not be distracted by as many books that would force me to leave the screen and turn pages. In this way BW dramatically improves both my concentration and my writing.

Dr. Ellen T. Charry
Margaret W. Harmon Professor of Theology
Princeton Theological Seminary
May 2017


...I use BW exclusively in my Greek classes virtually every day. I also have three contracted writing projects due in the next 2-3 years in which I will be using BW. It's amazing. I was talking to a colleague on campus recently about one of our former Southern Seminary professors, A. T. Robertson, and asked aloud what all he could have possibly accomplished had he had access to this software.

Thank you for such an outstanding product. I especially love the diagramming tool for my intermediate classes, and being able to show the Greek text from my computer for all of my classes. It's a boon in class to quickly be able to do searches, parsing, and look things up in BDAG (like the verb tarassō in John 14:1 this week as we are translating part of Jesus' high priestly prayer), where the students can see what I'm doing and see what BW can do. Teaching millennials, I often get asked to recommend software and I always push them to BibleWorks.

Thank you for making my classroom better (as well as my students).

Dr. Barry Joslin
Professor of Christian Theology
Southern Seminary/Boyce College
Program Director, Biblical and Theological Studies
March 2016

The biggest surprise

I have recently installed BibleWorks 10 and am excited about its new features. I have always found the BibleWorks interface to be highly intuitive, and I find BibleWorks 10 the most visually appealing version yet. Even more importantly, the reading of the Hebrew Bible that you incorporate immediately became my favorite audio version because of its pacing, pronunciation, and verbal dynamic.

The resources offered by BibleWorks for help are also the clearest, and most comprehensive I have found, not only within the field of Bible study, but in comparison to software applications in general. I can easily find instructions on any topic I am looking for. The videos are extremely well done. The approach is organized and logical. And perhaps the biggest surprise, for me, has been the quality of the personal assistance I have received. My questions tend to be technical and often focus on issues or irregularities that are outside the mainstream of what most users would ask (partly because I often run searches that are specifically looking for irregularities). While other companies have sent me to a vague list of help links, or tell me that nobody is available at their company who is familiar with Biblical Hebrew, I have always received clear, detailed answers to my questions, including relevant screen shots, from BibleWorks.

Thank you for the effort your company has made, and continues to make, to provide such a rich environment for working with the Biblical texts.

Jane Kerber, J.D., M.B.A.
March 2016

Always open

This is one program I always have open on my computer. … If you are looking for an excellent Bible software to serve as a resource for your study as you prepare to preach and teach, I recommend BibleWorks 10!”

Greg Strand
Director of Biblical Theology and Credentialing
Evangelical Free Church in America
July 2015


When comparing programs based upon the content to price ratio, BibleWorks 10 stands supreme.  It is difficult to imagine life as a Greek professor without BibleWorks.  Based upon its amazing speed, content, and price, BibleWorks 10 will surely thrill users for years to come.

David Hutchison, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of New Testament
Havard School for Theological Studies
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Summer 2015

Daily companion

BibleWorks 9 was my daily companion in doing James in the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary and the Baylor Handbook on the Greek Text of Philippians, and BibleWorks 10 will be my daily companion in doing the Brill Exegetical Commentary on Jude and 2 Peter.

Dr. William Varner
Professor of Bible and Greek
The Master's College
Summer 2015


Hardly a day goes by where I do not open BibleWorks, whether it's to help me work on a lecture, write a book, prepare a sermon, or simply grow in my relationship with God. … The value of what you get in the base package is simply without parallel in the world of Bible software. With the release of version 10, BibleWorks has further cemented its place as the premier software for studying the Biblical text, especially in the original languages.

Matthew S. Harmon
Professor of New Testament Studies
Grace College & Theological Seminary
Spring 2015

He'll thank you

I have used BibleWorks for years, and as its quality has increased so has my love for the program. It would be the first piece of software I would recommend to any pastor, as well as other leaders, teachers and authors.

This latest version of BibleWorks, which I've been using in pre-release form, continues this trajectory.

The essentials are still in place: lightning-fast comprehensive searches and interaction, an array of resources at a startlingly good price, and the unrivalled ability instantly to record fully-formatted notes and resources for each verse. All that has been augmented with more extensive customizability — and still more resources! These resources include textual references, more up to date versions, ability to include ePub resources, and much more. If you already own other programs, you can tie in their material in one text-anchored location.

If you are serious about your interaction with the text of Scripture, I'd urge you to get BibleWorks. And if your pastor doesn't already have it, give him a gift which will be a blessing to your congregation as well. He'll thank you, and you'll reap the benefits as well.

Dan Phillips
Pastor, author, blogger, conference speaker
Copperfield Bible Church
Spring 2015

Fresh but familiar

BibleWorks 10 is an attractive update to a long-respected program. Existing users will find a fresh but familiar interface that is now customizable and scalable. New users will more easily be able to find their way into the extensive capabilities of the program and hundreds of Bible texts and versions and study aids. Everyone will appreciate the new features and resources including notable ones like English “fuzzy” searching, a BibleViews Picture Library, Danker’s 2009 Concise Greek-English Lexicon of the NT, the Leiden OT Peshitta, and the New English Translation of the Septuagint to name just a very few. New add-on modules available include Crossway’s ESV Bible Atlas and original Hebrew and Greek language packages including the Nestle-Aland 28th with apparatus and morphology. Able to run on both Windows and Macs, BW 10 is a tremendous value in Bible software.

Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
Professor of Biblical Studies
Gettysburg Seminary
Spring 2015

Research power

Although I also own and use the other major programs, BibleWorks has a place of pride in my research and meditation on the Scriptures. I would heartily encourage anyone who is considering buying a Bible research program to take BibleWorks as their starting point and primary hands-on tool. I’ve always said no other program combines the number of quality resources with such a low price and—I would even say—ease of use. BibleWorks 10 takes that no-nonsense quality and research power even further!

Donald Cobb
Professor of New Testament and Greek
Faculté Jean Calvin. Institut de théologie protestante et évangélique
Aix-en-Provence, France
Spring 2015

Losing my favorite Bible study software

I was using BibleWorks a long time before I switched to Mac. It was the biggest loss in my transition -- losing my favorite Bible study software.

Praise the Lord! With version 9 I can finally use it again in a friendly Mac-compatable version!

BibleWorks is the best software for Bible language study I have ever tried and used in my life. I usually preach four times a week. I need to do much of my theological research and write articles and books. BibleWorks is the best supporting tool for it.

The new version has improved a lot but the main core is the same -- it offers the easiest and the fullest resources for ancient bible language study and application.

[Russian: Я пользуюсь BibleWorks достаточно давно. Но по причине перехода на компьютеры Мак - вынужден был прекратить на время ее использование. Это была самая большая потеря в этом переходе.

Но - слава Богу - это изменилось с выходом 9-ой версии - теперь я могу работать на своем маке с действительной удобной и практически совместимой версией.

BibleWorks на сегодня является лучшим софтом для изучения библейских языков, которым я когда-либо пользовался. Мне приходиться обычно проповедовать 4 раза в неделю, заниматься теологическими исследованиями, писать статьи и книги. BibleWorks помогает мне в этом лучше всех. Новая версия стала еще лучше, но сохранилось самое главное - наиболее удобный и простой доступ к изучению и приминению библейских языков.]

Evgeny Bakhmutsky
Senior Vice-President of Evangelical Christian-Baptists churches of Russia
Pastor-teacher of Russian Bible Church
Author, speaker and minister in former Soviet Union
June 2014

Better Than A Chair

BibleWorks should be standard issue. The next time you are faced with the choice between new chairs or BibleWorks for your teachers, please choose BibleWorks.

David Hutchison, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Havard School for Theological Studies
Southwestern Baptist Thelogical Seminary
Fall 2013

A Great Tool for Macs

BibleWorks 9 for Mac is a great tool and resource for study of the biblical text, especially in regards to the original languages (though not exclusively so). The features of the software are too numerous to list …, but suffice it to say that the program is extensive in the resources and tools that are included, making the $359 price tag well worth the investment.

Steve Wiggers
August 2013

Deep appreciation

The new features in BibleWorks 9 make an already powerful tool even more amazing! The ability to consult and compare transcriptions and images of New Testament texts as well as the other new textual criticism tools make this new version particularly valuable for advanced students of the New Testament. Now I am able to show students very quickly what the New Testament texts looked like for readers of manuscripts of the fourth or fifth century (for example) and help them think about how readers would have made sense of the texts without modern paragraphing, accents, word divisions, punctuation, etc. Awareness of the differences between Greek texts as they appear in our modern editions and how they appeared in manuscripts for the first centuries of the church helps students think differently about textual clues to the structure of the text and about the difference made by different kinds of physical presentation. The ability to get a quick sense of key textual variants for a verse through the manuscripts tool is also a great plus. Finally, the new “use” tab allows the user to instantly see where else the word under the cursor appears in the same book or version, saving us all from the trouble of having to carry out a search to get that information. I have been using BibleWorks in my courses for years, but am even more pleased with what I can now demonstrate and with how easy it is to do so much!

Roy E. Ciampa, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament
Chair, Division of Biblical Studies
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
March 2013

Deep appreciation

I can't find words enough to express my deep appreciation for your Bibleworks software. I have multiple Bible applications from different makers, some running into many, many dollars, but your software is the one I always go back to. Thank you very much to all of you who have made this possible. Also, the calendar with verses for each day (when you open the program) has become my daily reading. Please do not change this. This, God has used over and over again to speak to me and have been a very real source of inspiration and strength in the Lord. I know it is the Spirit of God that does this and not merely human effort, but please let me say, I am so convinced that God's anointing and Holy Spirit is for sure using this at least for me. So, once again, thank you to all.

Robert Magluyan
Mission Viejo, CA
February 2013

Complete package

BibleWorks 9 is a complete package of Scripture versions, references materials, and tools for doing Bible study. Anyone from the layperson to the scholar will find the program very useful and convenient. I highly recommend anyone interested in a Bible research program to check out BibleWorks.

Dr. Terry W. Eddinger
Vice President for Academics
Benjamin Miller Professor of Old Testament
Carolina Graduate School of Divinity
January 2013


Bible Works is phenomenal! What a tremendous program for all who
cherish the Bible (regardless of "ideological location"). The extensibility
of the program is one of the best features. I am using BW all the time to
help my class presentations, check student papers, and provide ideas for new
scholarship. At this point, I wouldn't need more cards or brochures, but I
will sing BW praises in the assembly.

Douglas E. Oakman
Professor of New Testament
Pacific Lutheran University
December 2012

It's stress-free

I will be expanding the usefulness of Bibleworks 9 for a long time. But finding this program so very intuitive and easy to use made me almost absurdly grateful; and the blisteringly-fast speed meant that newbie mistakes came and went in a flash. It’s stress-free. ...this surprisingly affordable package can give you everything you’re looking for—minus the bells and whistles you don’t need.

Fredericka Mathewes-Green
Fall 2012

In Ministry and Study

I started using BibleWorks (BW) version 5 when I was studying theology overseas 10 years ago. Since then, I have been regularly upgrading to a later version and using it in my ministry and study. As a PhD student, I use BW9 in class and for my daily biblical exegesis and research. … In short, BW9 is a great tool for any Bible teacher/student in seminary education, church, or Bible study groups. I highly recommend it for everyone who is seeking to grow in the knowledge of the Scriptures and understand the whole counsel of God as revealed in His Word.

S. Gendy
Ph.D. student
November 2012

5 Star

BibleWorks 9 is easily a five-star program...

Abram Kielsmeier-Jones
Seminarian & director of worship
September 2012

Depth and power

I like BibleWorks because it helps me read and study God's Word in a way commensurate with its depth and power.  With the tremendous need of the church in east Africa for well-trained pastors and deaconesses, it is a priceless asset in my work in theological education there.  Thank you for your faithful ministry for Christ's kingdom!

Rev. Prof. Thomas V. Aadland
Matongo Lutheran Theological College, Kenya
August 2012

Valuable, indispensable

It is a highly-recommended tool that would be a good addition to a library (with various licensing models available), as well as a valuable, if not indispensable, research tool for faculty, students, pastors, and others studying the Bible.

Kenneth D. Litwak
Adjunct Reference Librarian
James L. Stamps Theological Library
Azusa Pacific University
August 2012

Virtually effortless

I have found that one of the greatest values of BibleWorks is its capacity to aid in doing word studies. The program has made researching Hebrew and Greek words so much easier. And of all the benefits that come from utilizing the original Hebrew and Greek in biblical studies, doing usage-orientated word studies is by far the most valuable (at least that has been my experience). BibleWorks makes searching the uses of a word virtually effortless--which means that I will do it more often. The result: better research and better conclusions; and ultimately, a clearer, more accurate understanding of God.

For years I given first-year Hebrew students (as well as non-Hebrew students in courses like Psalms and Poetic Writings) assignments using Kohlenberger and Swanson's Hebrew-English Concordance of the OT, to study (for example) the meaning of "follow" (Hebrew radaph) in Ps 23:6, asking them to try to determine, from how the word is used throughout the rest of the OT, exactly what kind of action is connoted by radaph: is it "follow" like a puppy follows a master; or furtively follow, or what? Of course it only takes a few moments in Kohlenberger and Swanson's to see that radaph is a special kind of following, the kind mostly done by soldiers and armies as they hotly pursue other soldiers or armies, or private individuals chasing other persons for non-military purposes. Back to Psalm 23, God's goodness (his beneficence; his bountiful goodness and generosity) and his hesed ( =  his agape-love; his loving-kindness) pursue the psalmist day in, day out. He cannot escape them; they pursue him relentlessly, hot on his tail wherever he goes, whichever way he turns. Of course he is speaking figuratively of the tenacious love and kindness of God which pursues God's people relentlessly.

BibleWorks does exactly the same thing as Kohlenberger and Swanson's, but with more options and capabilities, if these are desired. And with these lexicons usable with the push of a button, the time it takes to do such studies is cut in half. I am probably going to change those word-study assignments this year to use BibleWorks rather than Kohlenberger and Swanson's, which, sadly, is no longer in print. And hopefully after 4-5 word studies, students will begin to get excited about investing in BW9.

David A. Dorsey
Distinguished Professor of Old Testament
Chairman of the Bible Department
Evangelical Theological Seminary
Myerstown, PA
August 2012


On the front row of my class today sat a student with a super-powerful laptop computer onto which was loaded a major Bible software program that is a competitor to BibleWorks. The student was almost drooling as he saw the speed of BibleWorks searches and the ease of moving among the interlinked resources—all on my ancient (three-year old) laptop. After class, the student told me that he plans to buy BibleWorks.

Robert L. Plummer
Associate Professor of New Testament Interpretation
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
August 2012

Saving time, avoiding frustration

As to its strengths, BW9 is nearly instantaneous in its search results, saving time and avoiding frustration for the user. Second, a wealth of material is available for comprehensive study of a given term, verse, or passage. The data is in turn easily exportable to word processing applications. Third, its inclusion of the CNTTS critical apparatus and searchable digital imagery of NT manuscripts are welcome features that will be of particular interest for NT studies. Finally, BibleWorks has been committed historically to keeping its prices affordable, and BW9 is within reach for most students and ministry workers on a tight budget.”

Kyle C. Dunham
Assistant Professor of Old Testament
Central Baptist Theological Seminary
Virginia Beach, VA
July 2012

Indispensible and recommended

BibleWorks still remains an indispensable and recommended resource for pastors, seminary students, researches, and teachers, and for those who have BibleWorks 8, version 9 is well worth the $159 upgrade. The search capabilities and the ease of morphological analysis make this a program that seldom frustrates its user and often brings to the fore insights that may not have been gained otherwise

J. Brian Tucker, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of New Testament
Moody Theological Seminary—Michigan
May 2012


It's difficult to be anything but effusive in rating this tool. After several months of using this new version, I can't think of anything it lacks. I realize at this point, I am only scratching the surface of what it could do. If your work or your avocation includes study and teaching the Bible and ancillary background information, you cannot find a more useful and robust tool to assist your work.

William W. Klein, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament
Denver Seminary
January 2012

Great program

I've used BibleWorks since ver. 4.0, upgraded with every new version, and have never been disappointed. Ver. 9 is no exception. Among the new features are the ability to add an extra window to the workspace, increasing the number of analysis sources on view; 18 new biblical translations or versions, including the new Common English Bible, and the NIV 2011; enhanced map resources; and the BibleWorks Manuscript Project, which will be of special interest to students and scholars of the NT. Altogether the program includes, in addition to the Greek and Hebrew biblical texts, over 200 translations and versions.

I'm a seminary professor and I constantly use BibleWorks in my teaching and research. For the classroom, it is wonderful to be able to project from a laptop screen the biblical text in the original language, multiple translations and versions, lexicon entries, plus maps and numerous reference and analytical resources. If you are looking for a full featured digital Bible study resource, BibleWorks 9 is the best, hands down.

Harold C. Washington
Professor of Hebrew Bible
Saint Paul School of Theology
December 2011

One of the most useful exegetical tools

Personally, what I appreciate most about this device is that time, thought, and detail has been invested in order to make this library of resources available to meet every desired need in biblical exegesis and exposition. Bible scholars, students of the Word, but also missiologists, and frontline mission practitioners, will greatly appreciate BibleWorks 9, which is a wonderful resource that shall easily go down in history as one of the most useful exegetical tools of the century. I am quite certain many will concur with me on this.

Kelvin Onongha
Associate Vice President
Babcock University, Nigeria
August 2011

It focuses on the study of the biblical text

I bought my first copy of BibleWorks in 2007 (version 7). The strength of BibleWorks, in comparison with other Bible programs, is that it focuses on the study of the biblical text itself. I've used the new version (version 9) for about a month now, and have found that it continues to improve on this strength.

The most noticeable improvements are in the analysis window. One nice feature is the option of opening a second browse window within the analysis window. This allows the user to view an entire passage in two different versions, or to view several versions in one window and the entire passage in another. I was also impressed by the new manuscript tab in the analysis window, which contains high resolution photos of Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Vaticanus, Codex Alexandrinus, and a few others. This tab is very user-friendly, not to mention fast--the user may click and drag the manuscripts, zoom in and out, and quickly switch references. The interface is better than the Sinaiticus website, in my opinion. I've used this feature in the last week to study a few textual problems in the New Testament, and I plan to eventually use it in my Greek classes. Finally, I should note that the analysis window now splits into two panes, giving users the ability to view two analysis tabs at once.

Beyond these improvements, users will continue to benefit from the standard assortment of tools which give the ability to quickly compare multiple versions of the Bible, search for words and phrases, and view translation notes along with Greek and Hebrew tools. I regularly use BibleWorks to read Greek and Hebrew and to study lexicons and grammars. I also use it to quickly look up cross references and related passages of Scripture. It even comes in handy when I remember a phrase of Scripture but can't remember where it is from, because I can perform a phrase search.

All in all, version 9 is welcome update to an already fine product!

Kevin W. McFadden
Assistant Professor of New Testament & Greek
Louisiana College
Caskey School of Divinity
October 2011

On BibleWorks 9

BibleWorks is just getting better and better and richer and richer. I am so impressed with it. The programmers did a great, wonderful job. Thank you very, very much! I appreciate your hard work for the Kingdom of God!

Attie Bogaards
Pastor, Dutch Reformed Church
South Africa
October 2011


It is the only software I have gotten in the past twenty five years that I can continue to say has revitalized and continues to revitalize both my personal Bible studies and the professional work I do as a Bible scholar!

Rev. Dr. Ian Ritchie
Interfaith Officer
Anglican Diocese of Ontario, Canada
October 2011


First- BibleWorks 9 is the ideal tool for biblical exegesis. It contains everything one needs in terms of primary materials. Biblical texts in the original languages, numerous versions, lexica, dictionaries, maps, grammars, and all the rest are at the fingertip. Even more, though, now several very ancient manuscripts along with transcriptions of those are also included.

Second- given all that it contains, I'll call it 'the scholar's go to tool' for exegesis. It has everything many of us have had on our shelves in hardback book format for a while and is much easier to access.

Third- if asked which biblical studies software I would recommend, I would, and will, say BW9.

Fourth- that doesn't mean I think it's perfect. I wish it contained other editions of the Bible (like the Revised English Bible) and I wish that it had the Dead Sea Scrolls biblical texts (along with photos of those texts as it has for key NT manuscripts) and Clines' Dictionary of Classical Hebrew.

Fifth- In conclusion, this software has so much and lacks so little that I cannot conceive of any person doing serious work in biblical exegesis not benefiting from it immensely.

Jim West
Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies
at the Quartz Hill School of Theology
Pastor of Petros Baptist Church
Petros, TN
August 2011



Just a note to thank you for the newly updated Bibleworks 9. It is impressive. I use Bibleworks every week for Scripture research and sermon and Bible study prep, and the newest version is incredible. Just the new maps addition is worth the price of the update alone, but there is so much more I can bring to my parishioners. You guys have really produced a research tool unmatched by anyone else. Congratulations and thanks again.

Rev. Timothy C. Matthew
Doniphan, MO
July 2011

Even better

BibleWorks 9 is an invaluable tool for studying the scriptures... I use BibleWorks every day, and BibleWorks 9 makes a great product even better!

Dr. Thomas Schreiner
Louisville, Kentucky
June 2011

9 is a 10!

Version 9 of BibleWorks is, well, a 10! The addition of the textual apparatus from the Center for New Testament Textual Studies is alone worth the upgrade, not only because of the astonishingly detailed information it provides, but also because of the masterful way in which that information has been integrated into the program -- and all of this at no extra cost. The inclusion (also at no extra cost) of the Moody Bible Atlas (with high-resolution images of its beautiful maps and photos) and the addition of various other enhacements and tools make this extraordinary program even more useful than before. I for one am a very grateful customer.

Moisés Silva
Author and scholar
Translator for both the NAS and ESV bibles
June 2011

A giant leap forward

BW9 takes a giant leap forward in terms of opening up the world of textual variants and text criticism. A new database lets users access the major variants in every verse of the Greek New Testament. The manuscript witnesses for each variant are laid out in a chart displaying the manuscript's approximate date and type (that is, uncial, miniscule, etc.) for instant analysis of the witnesses. Even more exciting, the transcribed texts of the major uncial witnesses can be selected as display versions. I can read the critical text, Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, and others side-by-side, such that the historic witnesses come alive as real texts, and not just as symbols at the bottom of the page of the print edition of the critical text. These are also accessible through a new "manuscripts" tab in the analysis window, together with photographic images of select manuscripts.

The introduction of the fourth window dramatically enhances ease of use. Now I can have the window displaying multiple versions, the analysis window displaying lexical resources, and a browse window showing the verse in its full literary context all displayed across the screen. A new "use" feature provides gives me an instant book- or canon-wide concordance of any word under the cursor. That feature is an amazing time-saver.

David A. deSilva, Ph.D.
Trustees' Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek
Ashland Theological Seminary
June 2011

Prepare to be impressed!

The first time I opened BibleWorks 9 on my desktop, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! An avid user of the last five versions of the program, I have long regarded BibleWorks as the gold standard for personal research and classroom use. If you're like me, then, you might wonder what more they could do. Prepare to be impressed! I noticed immediately that I had more choices at my fingertips, so that options available in earlier releases were more accessible. In fact, with the colorful, user-friendly toolbar, I was unsure whether I was now seeing, as if for the first time, tools and resources I had overlooked in previous versions. BibleWorks 9 introduces new text-critical resources – including the CNTTS apparatus, line-by-line comparison of mss., even images of some of the more important ones. This means I won't be moving back and forth between my computer screen and my hard copy of the Greek New Testament as before. I opened the new, second analysis window and found I could work on issues of grammar and usage (or any mix of possibilities) at the same time. Now I can simultaneously search the lexicon, study usage, and view a text in context – and that's only one combination of options available to me in this new configuration. A great resource for serious biblical studies just got better…

Joel B. Green, Ph.D.
Professor of New Testament Interpretation &
Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies
Fuller Theological Seminary
June 2011

Familiar and friendlier

BibleWorks9 is a significant and attractive upgrade. It offers an updated interface that will be familiar to existing users and friendlier for new ones. The BibleWorks Manuscript Project and the CNTTS NT Critical Apparatus modules are remarkable resources that will especially appeal to those interested in New Testament textual criticism. All users will enjoy the easier access and increased functionality provided with new features like the pop-out fourth column, the "Use" tab, and the instant difference highlighting. Considering the other texts and resources provided, BibleWorks9 is a comprehensive study package and tremendous value.

Mark GV Hoffman
Assoc. Prof. of Biblical Studies
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg
June 2011

Hard to believe

If your goal is to understand the biblical text in light of careful study of the original languages, there is no better tool available than Bibleworks 9. It is an indispensable part of my study of Scripture, whether I am writing a commentary, working on a journal article, preparing a sermon, putting together a Sunday School lesson, or crafting a small group Bible study. I am so convinced of its value that I am now requiring my Greek students to use it for assignments.

In the past i have found it challenging to introduce Greek students to the field of textual criticism. But with the cutting edge advances now available in Bibleworks 9, I am eager to show them just how valuable it can be even for the busy pastor with limited time.

Once people begin to mine the riches of the CNTTS New Testament Critical Apparatus, they will wonder how they ever managed to survive with just the NA27 apparatus. Combined with the breathtaking Manuscript Project, Bibleworks 9 is now the tool of choice for those who want to do careful work in the manuscripts of the New Testament.

In the realm of Bible software, there is simply no better value than Bibleworks 9. To create a comparable set of resources in other software programs, you will pay 2-4 times as much. And in some cases you still won't be able to match what Bibleworks 9 offers. To put it bluntly, not only does Bibleworks 9 do things that no other Bible software program can do, it does so at a speed and cost that is frankly hard to believe.

Matthew S. Harmon
Professor of NT Studies
Grace College & Theological Seminary
June 2011

Simple and fast

...As a long time user of BibleWorks I can say that BibleWorks has helped me in my study of the scriptures in school as well as devotionally.  BibleWorks 9 is the next step in the evolution of Bible software. It is the software for those teaching textual criticism and students working in Hebrew and Greek.  The new addition of tagged original Greek manuscripts through the CNTTS makes textual analysis simple and fast. The speed of searching and lexical resources is far superior to anything else on the market.

Brandon Walker
Ph.D. candidate
University of Nottingham
June 2011

Put to the test

Being fluent in the original languages, I put BW8 to the test and it didn't disappoint me. Through each "crazy type" searches I employed it came up like a champion each and every time. I can't say enough good things about this program and highly recommend it to anyone desiring to work with the original languages. BW8 has become an integral part of my daily work and as I said in the beginning of this review I didn't realize how important and valuable it was until I was without it. There is no other Bible software program like it anywhere I can find! After using this program I feel confident you, dear reader, will feel the same way! Thank you BibleWorks for making my life easier and my study more fruitful than its ever been before!!

Phil Naessens
Corfu, Greece
February 2011

I love BibleWorks

I think every pastor should have BibleWorks. If yours doesn't, it would make a terrific Christmas gift. I used part of a bonus once to give BW to a pastor I thought very well of... He was bowled over. Is $349 too much for your wallet? Talk to the deacons or someone, and start a whisper-campaign to get the dough together, and do your whole church a favor by giving the pastor BibleWorks.

Dan Phillips
Houston, TX
October 2010

In the classroom

The upshot is simple: BW is the best and the fastest Bible program available on the market – and it will be the program I use in my classroom teaching.

Morten Jensen
Lecturer and Ph.D. candidate
Lutheran School of Theology
Aarhus, Denmark
September 2010

Set the bar high

With its latest version, BibleWorks 8 continues to set the bar high for software for biblical study and research. The program is extensive in its resources, nuanced in its capabilities, quick in its execution, and accessible for users. This program is indeed an asset for study.

Warren Carter
Professor of New Testament
Brite Divinity School
Fort Worth, Texas
August 2010


In sum, BibleWorks offers the most bang for the buck. Considering the focus, speed, resources, simplicity of content packaging, and cost, BibleWorks remains my first choice among Bible software programs.

David Hutchison
Assistant Professor of New Testament
The Havard School for Theological Studies
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Houston, Texas
Spring 2010

No equal

I have been using BibleWorks since 2004, both as I learned Greek and as I worked towards a seminary degree. BibleWorks has become an indispensable tool in my Bible study and teaching preparation. Frankly, there is no better high-end Bible software for pure original language exegetic work. Other software may allow one to build a large electronic library, but when it comes to nitty-gritty work with the text, BibleWorks has no equal. I highly recommend BibleWorks whether you use a PC or a Mac. It is worth it.

Jason Abell
Vice President of Administration | Director of TBI
Bethlehem College and Seminary
April 2010

Skip a few meals!

My recommendation would be: ‘If you do not have BW8, sell all you have, and buy BW8 -- even if you have to skip a few meals!’ If your goal is to do in-depth study of the Word of God in its original languages, you will not be disappointed. 

Frank Jabini
Head of the Undergraduate School at the South African Theological Seminary
Rivonia, South Africa
March 2010

Thank you

Bible works Customer Service is the best. They went the whole nine yards to solve one of my problems--even when it meant calling me in Scotland!!!

Professor Kristin De Troyer
University of St Andrews
March 2010


BibleWorks is the tool of choice for the ninja exegete. The software specialises in the close study of the text with excellent lexical tools. You need to be comfortable with the original languages to use this product. There is a significant learning curve for the advanced syntax (is there any other way to become a ninja)?

Jeremy Kwok
January 2010


Want to know what it’s like to finally kiss the bride of biblical languages and teach your people what the Bible says? BibleWorks 8 unleashes the power of Bible software.

Ryan Clopton
January 2010

Always open

If my computer is on, BibleWorks is open.

Jim Hamilton
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
January 2009

BibleWorks 8 reaction

40-something new databases! ... a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips... They've even taken three textbook grammars for Hebrew, for Greek, and even for Aramaic and integrated that...

Kenny Jahng
M.Div. candidate
Princeton, NJ
February 2010

Satisfied upgrader

...BW8 is the most significant software upgrade I have ever experienced in any genre of software. I can't think of any other software upgrade that even comes close to the advances made between BW7 and BW8.

Scott Jones
Marietta, Georgia
November 2009

I was skeptical...

As an avid [-----] user I was skeptical about BibleWorks. It seemed to have less resources and I doubted it’s ability to streamline the actual study process. After a few days, I was pleasantly surprised. ... For those who study the Bible in original languages, or who want to – I recommend BibleWorks.  You’ll find BibleWorks an invaluable tool.  You might supplement it with your library and commentaries..., but for true in-depth Bible study BibleWorks can’t be beat....As I became more familiar my study became faster and I came to love this program, ...  During this experiment I saw my study deepen but my prep time shorten.  BibleWorks forced me to do my own study with the original language and it made the process quick.

Weston Williams
Senior minister at Green Christian Church
Bowling Green, Kentucky
July 2009

Highly Recommended

I have only used a handful of other Bible Study software tools, so my judgment is limited, and others may disagree, but for the price, I still find BibleWorks to be the best tool for original language study. ... The speed and power of BibleWorks 8 is truly something to behold. I created some of the most convoluted search parameters I could imagine, and the results never took more than a second to appear. Some of the analysis that would literally take days to do the old-fashioned way take only a few minutes now. ... I highly recommend BibleWorks 8 to anyone who is regularly working with the original languages of Scripture.

Dr. Keith Mathison
Dean of Ligonier Academy of Biblical and Theological Studies and
an Associate Editor of Tabletalk magazine at Ligonier Ministries
July 2009


I just updated from version 6, directly to version 8. I love it. This is one software update that is worth the expense.

I have other Bible Software. I have [----] and [----], and have a friend using [----]. I like BibleWorks version 8 best of them all. Some of the new interfaces, on other software, have been steps backward. Sometimes in an effort to create a nice GUI, developers have moved the resource library out beyond reach. You're stuck in the interface in some Bible software. By contrast, your user interface is definitely a step forward. I particularly like the X-ref tab, and Analysis tab with their dropdown choices to refine the search.

Although I've not mastered the search criteria wildcard symbols by memory yet, I still find myself doing much more elegant searches than I would have attempted in version 6. This is much more usable than version 6.

Background? No, I am not a seminary trained pastor. I'm not even a pastor, but I am a bible student. ...I love the old fashioned comparison of text with text, reading all the verses that are similar, and this software makes it very easy. Kudos to you for this important update for us laypersons.

John Featherstone
Property manager and church elder
April 2009

Your Answer

Wow, life changing word studies, multiple volumes, rapid access, ease of use, and dedicated customer support equal an unparalleled study resource for this century. If you are serious about Bible Study then you will naturally be serious about BibleWorks. It is rapidly becoming the quintessential for scholars, seminary professors, pastors, missionaries, and students who have original language exposure. If you are serious about exegesis and have been waiting to purchase the right program your wait is over. BibleWorks 8 is your answer!

Joseph R. Nally
Theological Editor of Third Millenium Ministries
February 2009

Gold Standard

Some software programs require additional fees for adding on new Bible versions, but BibleWorks 7 includes everything one needs in its base package for a mere $349… The wide variety and quality of these resources make BibleWorks 7 a great value... The breadth and focus of its databases, the new user interface, and the value of its base package make BibleWorks 7 the new gold standard of Bible software. Seminary and Bible college students, professors, and pastors would all benefit from this powerful tool.

Dr. Dennis R. Burk, Jr.
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Criswell College, Dallas, TX
Spring 2007

Praying Over the Passage and the People

Without exaggeration, I spend no more than five minutes with BibleWorks performing Bible study tasks that would take an hour with the printed page. Figuring that I save a little more than an hour a day, that is like getting an entire extra work day per week. And that precious preparation time can be better used in deeper exegetical work, sermon development, and praying over the passage and the people.

Scott Lamb
Providence Baptist Church, St. Louis
March 2007


The speed with which BibleWorks 7 performs the tasks you give it is phenomenal. It is truly the “Ferrari” of bible software.  Things happen almost instantaneously and seem transparent.

Steve Egge, MD
Trainer and webmaster for SacraMentor
March 2007

No Better Software Program

BibleWorks has clear focus on the analysis of the biblical texts themselves and it is still my first recommendation for anyone interested in carrying out their own thorough but rapid lexical or grammatical searches/analyses of the biblical texts. .... This software package has far too many features to be adequately described in a brief review. It comes with a 30-day return guarantee, but I cannot imagine anyone wanting to return it. It is one of the first programs I start up at the beginning of my workday and one of the last ones I shut down.

Professor Roy Ciampa
Associate Professor of New Testament
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Fall 2006

Even Better

What a phenomenal tool for Bible study and research! …. nothing comes near BW7 in completeness, speed, user-friendliness and access to research tools, especially in the area of the biblical languages. … this seventh edition is a major upgrade, making a good tool for exegesis and research even better!

Pastor Gerhard J. Venter
Durban, South Africa
October 2006

Perspective from a Professor

... I believe that BibleWorks is the finest Bible study software on the market. This software is fast, easy to use, includes lots of powerful tools and has more searching power than even a seminary professor needs.

Dr. Samuel Lamerson
Associate Professor of New Testament
Knox Seminary
July 2006

Perspective from a Programmer

...BW can be a 'point and click' easy to learn app, but I just love that I can use BW without a mouse (almost). The shortcuts are very smart, the options are well thought out. The regular expression syntax is a breeze. I have not experienced a better help system, with the videos, very smart and well organized help content and F1 support.

You folks obviously listen to your customers. The content is great. You make it real easy to learn how to type in Greek and Hebrew. That combined with the grammars and flash cards, you cannot help but learn the original languages by just using the program.

I am really happy with my decision to go with BW.

Stephen MacKenzie
Software Developer
April 2006

A Tool for Every Serious Exegete

What an experience to work with such a powerful program! This is a tool which every serious exegete or reader of the Bible should have. It is a joy to have all this program has to offer. ... . Lay people interested in the Bible, students, Ministers and Pastors, but certainly also scholars will only benefit by getting hold of this tool. I strongly recommend it!.

Dr. W. J. Wessels
Department of Old Testament
and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
University of South Africa
December 2005

A Satisfied Upgrader

WOW! I received my BibleWorks 7 on Thursday and eagerly installed it. I have owned every version since 3 (or maybe even 2), but never do I remember an upgrade being so satisfying in how you have revolutionized the way I can use the software. The new tabbed Analysis section is so easy to use and comprehensive. And finally the editor and notes sections are powerful enough I can stop cutting and pasting to Word! It is one thing to add resources, but to make the software so much more useful and powerful truly takes a great deal of work and listening to your clients' needs - may you be blessed for all you do for the Kingdom.

Rev. Orville Erickson
BibleWorks user since 1996
Cedar Falls, IA
February 2006

BibleWorks as a Mode of Transportation

Conclusion... BibleWorks is a Mercedes.

John Glynn
author of Commentary & Reference Survey
Preaching On-Line, January 2006

Never Disappoints

It is a highly refined and technologically advanced program that is a pleasure to use. Technology often creates needs people did not even realize they had. In other words, it offers "abilities" and "possibilities" that most people have not even contemplated or thought necessary. Once one is made aware of these possibilities, one is then encouraged to venture further. This drive to continue discovering new possibilities is the stamp of real technological advancement: it does not follow but leads. This is the case with version 6 of BibleWorks.

This is a program that will never disappoint any user interested in analyzing the original languages of the Bible. On the contrary, the excellent features of this program, the speed and search capabilities, the quality of the database and fonts, and many other aspects not even touched on in this review make this program a joy to work with. Buy it and try it -- you will not be disappointed.

Dr. Jan van der Watt
Professor and Head of New Testament Studies 
at University of Pretoria
Pretoria, South Africa
Review of Biblical Literature, November 2005

A Dream Come True

...for anyone wishing to study the biblical languages in depth, this program is a dream come true.

Dr. Moisés Silva
Writer and editor
Former professor at Westmont College
Westminster Theological Seminary
and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Winter 2004

A Happy Balance

In my judgment BibleWorks 6 strikes the happy balance of encouraging people to build libraries of actual books while making available resources that are either extremely expensive and hard to find or generally inaccessible outside a research library (e.g., the Tischendorf critical apparatus, the Targums, Josephus in Greek). Every serious student of the Bible can be grateful for this outstanding product.

James M. Hamilton Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Houston Park Place Campus
Spring 2004

Feedback from Italy

All in all, I am very impressed with Bibleworks 6 and can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend it to anyone, at any level and from any point of view, interested in a better understanding of the Bible.

Professor Corrado Martone
Assistant Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature
University of Turin, Italy
Winter 2004

A Desert Island Choice

The program is fast and, in the majority of areas, easy to use. With BibleWorks, scholars can work with the biblical text in ways they could only wistfully dream of, if even imagine, in the past. It is a pleasure to use. If one had to decide what five things he or she would take along for a study leave on a desert isle (assuming one has electricity), BibleWorks should be at the top of the list.

Professor Theresa L. Reeve
Assistant Professor of New Testament Contexts
Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary
Spring 2004

Like a Fine Automobile

BW 6 ist wohl der Rolls Royce unter den Bibelprogrammen...

Dr. Hans-Georg Wuench
April 2004

Invaluable for Translation 

I use several "big name" Bible software resources and have found BW to be the best and most accurate. It is without doubt the only software I have found to be invaluable toward translating a Bible text. May God continue to bless your efforts!"

Bill Wennell
Director, Biblical Truths for the Endtimes
Augusta, KY
April 2004

From a Pastor and Professor

Bibleworks has become for me a constant companion in sermon preparation. It has kept me in language helps that I would otherwise rarely access in book form. It makes my concordance searches, dictionary inquiries, and studies of parallel passages more frequent and comprehensive, because they are so convenient and instantaneous with Bibleworks. But more importantly, it has made it easier for my approach to the text of Scripture in sermon preparation to be shaped by the flow of the original languages of God's word written. Bibleworks stays open side-by-side my sermon manuscript from start to finish. In a day and age when real expositional preaching is sadly scarce, Bibleworks may prove a boon to ministers seeking to be faithful to the serious and hard work of being servants of the Word of God.

J. Ligon Duncan III, PhD
Senior Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS
Convener, Twin Lakes Fellowship
Adjunct Professor, Reformed Theological Seminary
Council, Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
Chairman, Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Editorial Director, Reformed Academic Press
February 2004

From an Editor, Author, and Professor

Just a word of thanks for the wonderful improvements (in version 6) to what was already an astonishing program. For example, having immediate access to Tischendorf's full apparatus and to morphologically tagged texts of the Targums and Josephus is a dream come true. And it is hard to believe that when a user suggested adding a direct link to the Perseus website, you implemented that new feature within two days! Now what will I do with all my free time?

Moises Silva
Former professor of New Testament at Westmont College
Westminster Theological Seminary, and 
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
February 2004

From a Beloved Pastor and Author

I love [BibleWorks'] speed; its compatibility with Word; its comprehensiveness in Greek and Hebrew; its immediate, simultaneous Greek and Hebrew dictionary feature; its inclusion of all the English versions plus many foreign language ones; its inclusion of the Westminster Standards so that word searches are possible in the Confession and the Catechism, etc., etc. It is very powerful and worth every penny.

John Piper
Preaching Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church
Desiring God Ministries
Minneapolis, MN
December 2003

From a Software Architect

Almost every time I use Bibleworks I am amazed at its speed and power. And each time Bibleworks opens the Scriptures up a little more for me, I am deeply grateful to the LORD for what is truly an amazing tool for studying the Bible. Thank you for a truly superb piece of work.

Stuart Robertson
Software Architect
Johannesburg, South Africa
December 2003

From an Author 

[Regarding BibleWorks 6:] ...the advances made, and the price to upgrade, are simply unbelievable. There is simply no praise adequate for the outstanding enhancements and the dirt cheap price to acquire them. So I'll simply say, "Great job, and thank you very much!"

Scott Jones
Author and BW user since version 3.5
October 2003

From a Seminary Student 

Word around seminary (TMS) is that BibleWorks Version 6 is not far off. I just wanted you to know how exciting the thought of that possibility is and to let you know that you can add my name immediately to those of your extremely satisfied BibleWorks customers who can't wait to see what you have in store for us in any future upgrade.

God bless all of you for such an excellent software program and for your uncompromising dedication to customer service. Your product made it possible for me to begin working with the original languages from my very first day of seminary two years ago and it continues to be my trusted companion up to today. In fact, if your program had been a book, I would have had to have already purchased several replacement copies just to keep a working copy available for use.

In closing I just want you to know that your program is par excellence. There simply is no better biblical language software program on the market. I feel qualified to say so because I also use your top competitors programs as well. They all have excellent qualities as language programs and as library research tools, but none of them come close to you for overall excellence and applicability in the field of biblical language software.

Again, God bless you and keep up your excellent work in your service to our wonderful Lord and savior, Christ Jesus. We who have been called to preach His Word are forever indebted to you for your steadfast support of us in that effort.

Dennis Davies
Seminary Student
Sun Valley, California
October 2003

From an Elder and Teacher

I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am with the range of functionality built into BibleWorks. Thanks for all your hard work, all of you. BibleWorks is totally awesome. You all have added so many features which allow a dedicated user who puts a minimal amount of time into learning how to use the program to study so much more effectively, attempting and accomplishing feats of comparison and research that no one would have attempted before such a wonderful tool was developed. Most of what BibleWorks does virtually instantly on even an ordinary computer would have taken an accomplished scholar many years to do only a few years ago. It allows dedicated Bible students an affordable way to use their study time much more profitably.

Tom Cabeen
Elder and Adult Bible School Teacher
Milford, CT
October 2003

From a Seminary Student

I love BibleWorks! It continues to support me very well in my studies and my sermon preparation. The best thing about it is that every time I grow and need to go deeper into the bible, Bible Works has the capability and I can use it intuitively.

Gregory Davidson
Seminary Student
Gettysburg, PA
August 2003

From an Author and Translator

As your records will show, I've been using BibleWorks for years now (3.5 up to the current, 5). Every single day, I work on my translation of the New Testament (having first taken an online course on New Testament Greek from Luther Seminary in St.Paul, Minnesota). I'm writing to you this late-afternoon because I am so darn pleased with BibleWorks. While it, of course, helps with many other tasks, it has been essential to my translating. I've now completed all but the Gospels, and am within the latter half of each of them... Anyway, thanks for offering BibleWorks to everyone!!

John Snydal
Translator and author
Bainbridge Island, WA
January 2003

From a Pastor

I want to let you know that this program is just super!! I can't say enough about it. Thanks for all you do!

Bob Moffitt
Pastor, The Church on Rolling Ridge
Canton, Ohio
January 2003

From a Former Bible Software Programmer

I received BW5 this Christmas and am enjoying getting to know the program. I have used several other Bible search programs in the past but nothing as powerful and as geared toward original languages as this one. It is certain to become my main Bible study tool on the computer.

Greg Van Court
Former Bible software programmer
Austin, Texas
January 2003

From an Editor and Pastor

If there was a "Golden Mouse Award" for elegant and cost-effective software, I'd nominate BibleWorks 5 for the prize...

Dr. Tony Cartledge
Editor of Biblical Recorder
December 2002

From a Seminary Student

"...Bible Works has cut the time I spend on my exegesis homework in half, (mostly because I don't have to look in five different books at the same time) and I am very happy with the way it is performing overall."

A seminary student in Kentucky
October 2002

From a Professor

"I want to thank you for making available your excellent program, BibleWorks 4. I also want you to know that I have been both using it myself with great delight and have been recommending it to my students with unqualified enthusiasm.

"I completed two books on New Testament themes this summer and Fall, and your program has rendered the writing of them both effective and deeply satisfying. I tell my students I love nothing better than sitting in my office for hours on end doing Bible research with the capabilities your program offers. I have never known anything that makes such work highly efficient and productive."

Peter Jones
Professor of New Testament
Chairman, Department of Biblical Studies
Westminster Theological Seminary in California
October 2002

From a Professor

Bibleworks 5.0 is simply the best Bible software available, anywhere. I have been using ... BibleWorks software since somewhere back on the "Version 2" days, and each new release has brought new and useful tools to the program. This is the program that runs 24/7 on my office computer, and it is the one that is running on my laptop when I engage in debates.

I use it when traveling to do my research. It is invaluable to anyone doing serious exegesis of the text. If your pastor doesn't have BibleWorks, buy it for him. Make sure all your elders have it. Anyone teaching who has a computer will benefit from it. This is #1, everything else is just a substitute!

James R. White
Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries
Adjunct Professor of Greek, Hebrew, and Apologetics
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
October 2002

From a Professor

...it has all the texts the Old and New Testament scholar/user needs, plus the essential tools for penetrating those texts. This is a superb product at a reasonable price with prospects for continued expansion. That all translates to a bargain! Every church budget ought to include $299.95 for this powerful tool. Their pastors will rise up and call them "blessed"!

James T. Dennison, Jr.
Professor of Church History and Academic Dean
Northwest Theological Seminary
May 2002

From a Professor

I'm going to add my voice to the chorus of "HURRAHS!!" simply because I'm so excited I can't keep quiet. These additions make the best Bible program anywhere all the more excellent. I love seeing the delight in the eyes of my students and colleagues as they see what's now available and how easy it makes Bible research using original languages and multiple translations. Way to go, guys!

Gerry Breshears
Professor of Theology
Chair of Division of Biblical and Theological Studies
Western Seminary, Portland, OR
May 2002

From a Professor

I have thoroughly enjoyed the BibleWorks 5 program for my teaching purposes. I continue to use it extensively for class preparation as well as in the classroom to demonstrate to students this powerful and effective tool for biblical studies. I also continue to use an introductory video to help my students become oriented to BibleWorks and have geared it specifically to Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. My students learn how to let BibleWorks assist them in the translation and exegesis of biblical passages and how to use the powerful search engine as a concordance for word (or phrase) studies. For those students who are entering pastoral ministry (which is the majority of our students) and thus with limited time, BibleWorks is the best resource for teaching and preaching when consulting with the biblical languages.

Professor Michael D. Matlock
Adjunct Professor
Asbury Theological Seminary
May 2002

From a Scholar

I use BibleWorks as my primary Bible research program, and I am very pleased with it. BibleWorks is amazingly fast, thorough, and easy to use, and is capable of a wide variety of simple or complex Bible searches. Whether preparing overhead projector transparencies for classroom teaching, preparing lectures for a popular audience, or writing academic articles, I find that I can instantly import English, Greek, and Hebrew text perfectly into my word processing program, which is a huge time-saver. BibleWorks was also the single program in constant use, day after day, by several members of our Translation Oversight Committee when we produced the English Standard Version of the Bible. I highly recommend it.

Wayne Grudem, Ph.D.
Research Professor of Bible and Theology
Phoenix Seminary, Scottsdale, AZ
Past president, Evangelical Theological Society
April 2002

From a Satisfied Customer

I just installed the upgrade to version 5 - WOW! Thanks to all the laborers for another fantastic upgrade! May the Lord bless your efforts abundantly, and bless those who use this awesome tool to know Him better.

Douglas Peloquin
Sr. Technical Consultant, MassMutual Financial Group
February 2002

From a Satisfied Bus Driver

...BibleWorks has come up with the best program for PC I've ever owned, let every one at BW know. I am SO grateful!!! Thank You!!

Ove Martin Nodland
Bus Driver
January 2002

From a Preaching Minister

...you have developed, in my humble opinion, the most useful resource tool for ministers that the world has ever seen! Thanks just doesn't cut it---you're product has truly revolutionized my ministry and I am deeply grateful to you. (By the way, I've been a customer since 3.0). ...Thanks again for a great product. It is, without question, the best!

Bob Odle
Preaching Minister
Woodland Oaks Church of Christ
in The Woodlands, Texas
January 2002

From Preaching.com

I have never seen a more powerful Bible study tool than BibleWorks 5. If your desire is to dig deep, then this program will give you the tools necessary to surface exegetical gems.

Jonathan Kever
Managing Editor www.preaching.com
September 2001

From a Professor

Six years ago I wrote a brief review of an earlier version of BibleWorks.

Among other things, I wrote, "BibleWorks is by far the best computer Bible program I have ever used - and I have used around a dozen and beta-tested three.  Furthermore, for the serious student, it is simply the Bible program of choice.  It is not only a 'time-saver'; it opens up new possibilities of word, phrase and syntactical research that many students would simply never attempt without it."

Now, with the appearance of BibleWorks 5, I affirm again all that I wrote and now declare that my enthusiasm for the program has reached a zenith. With the addition of new translations, encyclopedias, graphical morphological search capabilities, scholarly lexicons, Hebrew accents, and special versions like the Hebrew New Testament, it stands head and shoulders above anything on the market.  It is rapidly becoming a "must buy" among my second and third year Greek students.  Professors who have viewed programs like BibleWorks as "crutches" need to wake up to the reality that "parsing" is just a small part of the language capabilities that are opened up to the student by this new version of the program.

I remember when similar but much inferior programs first appeared ten years ago, and their cost was significantly higher than the cost of BibleWorks.  Get it!  You will be behind the times if you don't.  Furthermore, your students and parishioners will be the ones who will lose the most.

Dr. William Varner
Professor at The Master's College, Santa Clarita, CA
September 2001

From a Satisfied Customer

...I find it hard to express how very delighted I am with the BW4 program. Thank you for all the enormous amount of hard work and clear appreciation of how to help others get the very best out of researching the Bible. All the tools and resources are most valuable and so easy to use.

John Dunn
July 2001

From a Student

I just wanted to tell you (and all the staff at Bibleworks) I am so impressed with your product and with your customer service. I find myself frequently praising Bibleworks to other students and the faculty at General Seminary, in NYC. It is helpful to both the novice and the experienced biblical language scholar. Thanks again...

Adrien Dawson
Student, General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church
New York City
April 2001

From an Excited Customer

"If BibleWorks were a woman, I'd marry her!!!"

Unnamed BibleWorks User

From a Pastor-Expositor

If I had only one software program to use in my sermon preparation and study, BibleWorks would be the one, hands down.

Pastor David Montoya
First Baptist Church
Donna, Texas
October 2000

From a Pastor-Expositor

Wow! I would have given my eye teeth for this program both in College and Seminary.

Pastor Billy Strayhorn
First United Methodist Church
Joshua, Texas
September 2000

From a Bible College Professor

Thanks for your dedication to the kingdom in producing such a high quality program - my own studies, and the subjects I lecture, would be greatly limited without BWW. BWW is a major tool in my Ph.D research, as well as in lecture and sermon preparation...

Ps. Ashley Crane
Principal, Harvest West Bible College
September 2000

From a Pastor-Expositor

Hi, ...I am sixty years old and in my experience very few products exceed one's expectations. In fact, many fall far short. THIS ONE DEFINITELY EXCEEDS ALL EXPECTATIONS!!!!! The service is remarkable. Again, with many products, they don't seem to care too much about the consumer after they have his money. NOT SO HERE!!!! You guys are definitely remarkable. When do you sleep???? ...It must be a labor of love since people aren't usually this diligent  merely for money.

Pastor Tom Balding
April 1999

From a Pastor-Expositor

...I am so impressed with Bibleworks as a company...I almost feel guilty for the small amount I pay for such a great product and service.

Pastor Mark QL Louderback
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Statesboro, Georgia
March 1999

From a Seminary Professor

March 1999: ...I started using computers in textual studies in grad school. Getting Greek and Hebrew on a computer screen was a real challenge. My first effort was a TRS-80 with a graphics subsystem operating off the Parallel port based on a TI graphics chip (used in the old Atari games) and a TV set. Moved up quickly to an IBM AT with Hercules card so we could design our own fonts. I remember sharing hand coded printer fonts for Epson dot matrix printers.

We were working with the Psalms of Solomon, using a machine readable text from Bob Kraft at UofP. We were collating variants from microfilm and working towards producing a critical Greek text. (My adviser Bob Wright has finally brought it to publication - coming out this year) We wrote our own routines in Turbo Pascal to get things done. We were excited when Dr. Packard marketed the Ibycus, it was a Motorola based computer optimized to do Greek textual searches. Talk about an arcane interface, but it was fast.

I experimented with every piece of Bible software I could lay my hands on. I never invested my limited financial resources until I found Bibleworks 3.2. I am very impressed with the programming of the Bibleworks software, 3.5 has become indispensable to me. I can't wait for my copy of 4.0 to arrive.

Even more impressive though is the spirit of the company. Their commitment to providing a sound textual tool is laudable. I am so grateful for this product. I will continue to recommend it to everyone as the best all round program available. I am planning a course for pastors to reacquire their skills in the original languages that will require Bibleworks. I believe it can accelerate that process. Because the Greek and Hebrew are so accessible it provides positive reinforcement keeping motivation high.

October 2001: ...Moving through version 4 to version 5 has only made me feel more strongly about BibleWorks...

Rollin J. Blackburn
Professor of Biblical Languages and Literature
Reformed Episcopal Seminary

From a Software Consultant

...I am a software consultant (I have been doing this since 1969) with experience doing Windows MFC and just want to congratulate whoever put this product together. By far this is the best Windows app I have ever used! It is consistent, bug free, user friendly, intuitive, quick, robust, comprehensive and besides all that presents the data I am looking for the way I want it! Great job guys!

John Paul Fibranz
February 1999

From a Pastor-Expositor

For my purposes as a pastor-expositor, this is absolutely a phenomenal program! It is so well thought out and so "bug free," that my [another program] is on the endangered species list.... Man, I like this program!

Pastor John Cornette, D. Min.,
Ambassador Baptist Church
New Jersey.
February 1998

From a Scholar-Editor-Publisher

BibleWorks for Windows 3.5 is an outstanding tool for analyzing the biblical text in the original languages and in English, as well as in several other modern languages....I have been using BibleWorks daily for several years and have been impressed with its functionality and ease of use. Every upgrade has incorporated valuable new features and texts--and has worked as expected.

John R. Kohlenberger III
February 1998

BibleWorks Better Than Books

...Got the CD. What a Blessing!! I hope you know what it means to me. This product is the most valuable tool in my library. When I wished to study a text in the Greek I used 9 books. Sometimes I would have 4-6 books opened at one time. I do not know if you do any study from the Greek and then try to teach it. It is a very time consuming quest. I spend at least one quarter of the time preparing study materials and sermons.

Chaplain Charles Bolin, Nevada
February 1998

BibleWorks Priceless, Profitable, Practical, Personal and Productive

...a program that is priceless for approaching the Scriptures, built with intelligence to serve different needs...actively determined by the user, who can unite, in a profitable synthesis, his needs with the stimuli he receives from BibleWorks. A towering accomplishment, due to the great amount of tools...[yet] it is easy to configure the program to your personal needs....

Luca de Santis, Italy, in "Revista Angelicum" (European Biblical Journal)

From a Pastor-Teacher-Doctor

I’m one of those peculiar folks who believe that the original Biblical languages are critical to the work of Christian ministry... BibleWorks [is] head and shoulders above all others. Bar none... Save your pennies. Don’t settle for a cheap imitation. This is the program to beat. There is nothing even close to BibleWorks’ speed, flexibility, and simplicity of use. With this program, the dividing wall of hostility between you and the original language of scripture has been broken down, whether you went to seminary or not. What’s amazing is that this program is just as easy and useful for the student of scripture who wants to work only with the English [or German or French or Spanish or etc] as it is for the student who prefers the Hebrew text...Greek...Latin. Most Bible study software is chocked full of [items] that actually take you *away* from the text itself. When pressed, most Bible study software is limited in its ability with the biblical text. Not so with BibleWorks. The designers have kept the biblical text as this software’s priority.... BibleWorks has been engineered chiefly to empower your close reading (exegesis) of the text.

Rev. Richard I. Deibert, Pastor, M.D.
New Testament doctoral candidate at 
the University of Cambridge, England

From a Professor of Biblical Studies

Since receiving your product, I have [tested and reviewed many other Bible software products] as well.....I must continue to say that I am still able to make BibleWorks the top recommendation for Bible software to all my students.

Prof. Mark H. Soto
Grace College and Theological Seminary, Indiana
July 1998

Student Finds BibleWorks the Best in Europe

...I'm a glad user of BibleWorks 3.5!! It totally fulfilled all my expectations and much more. I'm quite overwhelmed..... BibleWorks is the best program not only in the USA but also in whole Europe. I really spent much time, looking for a good Bibel-programm and I must say, your programm is absolutely the best!!! Last week, my first exegetical study with help of BibleWorks has gone out and our teacher already spoke out his respect about the work...

Johannes Schwab
Bibelschule Adelshofen, Germany
December 1997

From a Pastor-Teacher

It is beyond my wildest dreams in content and accessibility! It blows away my ‘teachers edition’ of QuickVerse.

Pastor Ron Ross, Wisconsin
November 1997

BibleWorks Generates Joy in Studying the Word of God

I like very much working with BibleWorks. It is fun, one understands the Original Texts easier and faster, and it generates new and different joy in studying the Word of God.

Benjamin Spring
Ewersbach Theological Seminary, Germany
November 1997

From a Pastor-Preacher-Teacher

I want to thank you, first of all, for this marvelous product you have provided! ...I am THOROUGHLY impressed... The truth is that I was reluctant to invest this kind of money in such a computer program. After all, I thought, haven't preachers and teachers and pastors managed to do their jobs for centuries without this kind of technology? And didn't I already have on my shelves most of the books which roughly duplicated what I would find on this CD? But, no. What you have put together is like nothing I have on my shelves. And while I suppose I could do my job without this technology, it would be a relatively poor stewardship of time, given the advantages of this terrific program. Thank you!!

Pastor David Kalas
United Methodist Church, Appleton, Wisconsin
June 1997


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