Reviewer Information

Please contact us at or (757) 627-7014 to inquire
about obtaining a review copy.

Because of copyright and publisher agreements, we must be very judicious
with our limited number of gratis examination copies.

To help us assess your request, please provide

  1. The name of the journal or magazine (or website) that will publish
    the review
  2. The Anticipated publication date
  3. The editor and the editor's contact info

For the most part, we are looking for reviews in publications whose
readership is primarily pastors, seminary students, academics or
missionaries - those who would be most interested in our software.

While not required, it is hoped that permission will be granted from the
publisher to post the published review (or a link to it) on the BibleWorks
website as well, so reviewers should clarify that with the editor.

You can read previous reviews on our website at