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BibleWorks News

BibleWorks News, Fall 2007

1) Upgrade Sale!
2) New Bibleworks Email Newsletter: Classroom Tips
3) Chinese, Korean and Arabic Bibles Now Included
4) JoŁon/Muraoka Grammar (Revised 2006 Edition) Available
5) BibleWorks Fully Compatible with Windows Vista

1) Upgrade Sale!

BibleWorks 7 has been the best-received BibleWorks version ever.  And now, through November 30, upgrades to BibleWorks 7 from versions 5 and 6 are on sale at a 10% discount.  Order your upgrade at

But there are many more reasons to upgrade, including sixteen new texts--downloadable for free to BibleWorks 7 customers--for 2007!  Here are some recent ones:

-- Chinese, Korean and Arabic Bibles
-- Charles's Old Testament Pseudepigrapha
-- Svenska Folkbibeln (Swedish People's Bible)

Check out the whole list:

2) New Email Newsletter: Classroom Tips

As a help to professors, we're introducing an email newsletter to help you make the most of BibleWorks in the classroom.

The Classroom Tips email newsletter provides step-by-step instructions for using BibleWorks in the classroom. Some of the types of tips you will receive include:

. Creating Greek and Hebrew quizzes and worksheets
. Optimizing BibleWorks for on-screen projection
. Using the Search Window Tabs during word studies
. Creating and distributing your book study class notes

Click here to view the first newsletter and sign up:


3) Chinese, Korean and Arabic Bibles Now Included in BibleWorks 7

Chinese, Korean and Arabic Bibles are now freely available for BibleWorks 7 users! Thanks to our users who have patiently waited for these releases. Click here for details:


4) Joüon/Muraoka Grammar (Revised 2006 Edition) Available

We're pleased to announce the availability of A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (Revised edition, 2006), by Paul Joüon, S.J. and T. Muraoka. This modern Hebrew grammar is 772 pages long and is considered one of the top standard references. This module requires an unlock and may be purchased here:


5) BibleWorks Fully Compatible with Windows Vista

BibleWorks 6 and 7 all operate with no difficulty under Windows Vista, provided a one-time patch is applied after installation but before BibleWorks is run.  Learn more here:


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