I do not have Carson's commentary, do you have it?
If so, what does it say?

I was not very familiar with NCT until you asked the question, so I googled it and read some.

So, correct me if I am wrong, but in short this is what I learned.

New Covenant Theology: New Covenant Theology believes that the New Covenant law of Christ replaces the Old Covenant law of Moses.

I believe the exact opposite; I believe that there in continuity throughout the entire scriptures. Gen – Rev, one big book, progressively revealing itself and building precept on precept.

I would have to say, that if NCT says that the New Covenant, being Jer 31, replaces the Old Covenant, we have again, some scriptures to reconcile.

Mat 5:17

Gal 3:17

I would submit this, that Jesus had a perfect opportunity in Mat 5:17-20 to expound on and promote NCT, but he says the exact opposite.

Jesus says, I am paraphrasing - Don't think that I am here to destroy the Scriptures, I did not come to destroy them, but to confirm or establish them.

Thank you David for giving me the opportunity to share.

I hope we can continue our dialog. I have learned a lot, thus far.