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Thread: KTU (Cuneiform Alphabetic Texts)

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    Default KTU (Cuneiform Alphabetic Texts)

    Does anybody have any interest in seeing KTU (Cuneiform Alphabetic Texts), ed. M. Dietrich, O. Loretz, J. Sanmartin, in the next Bibleworks 7? For those of you working in the Hebrew Bible/OT, wouldn't it be great if we had, perhaps, the most important parallel texts to the Hebrew Bible/OT? And if it had a link to the West Semitic Research Project (Inscriptifact)--that would be even better.

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    Default Yes!

    (Wiping drool from keyboard...)
    and perhaps the two volume English-Ugaritic lexicon as well...

    Definitely something Logos hasn't done yet...

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    G. del Olmo Lete and J. Sanmartin would also be at the top of my list as well. Maybe Tropper next? Have you ever spoken with your advisor about compiling computer databases? I've heard he's "pretty big" into Ugaritic studies! Are RS or CTA available in computer format? Perhaps if they're already available they can be easily adapted to BW7.

    But, if I had to hedge my bets--Logos will probably come out with the material first. I've heard they have some guy with a Semitics degree on staff now.

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    Default ugaritic database

    Look here for a free DB (though not for commercial use I suppose) containing all Ugaritic texts compiled by renown Spanish ugaritologists. The interface looks a bit ugly, but is useful nevertheless.
    Beware to download the necessary font.

    Such a free edition is also available for the Amarna texts (Akkadian version) prepared by Izre'el Shlomo. Would look great in BW.

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    Default Thanks!

    That is VERY interesting, thank you!

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    Red face a little work done on this...

    Hi folks,

    A long time ago in a land far far away...

    I played around with the Spanish Ugaritic texts. I have converted the texts into BWSYMBOL, but because of my ignorance of the cataloging system, I got frustrated regarding putting the texts into a versification system compatable with BW (e.g., 3-character book name, chapter number : verse number).

    I have attached the file. It is basically the text alone without any of the critical annotations contained in the ̣Sapanu database. I used BWSymbol because of the ease of conversion into Unicode--facilitated by the Macros recently posted by Charlie.

    If any of you ANE scholars with a healthy knowledge of the Ugaritic alphabetic texts has the acumen to give this file a versification system that BW can use, then please do so, and share. At that point it would probably be best to ask the folks in Spain to grant official permission to distribute.
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    Wow--this is an amazing link. Do you happen to know how to download the correct font?

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    Default Font

    When you run the install, the fonts are in the installation folder. You have to copy them manually into the windows/fonts folder.

    Edit:I'm much more of a hardware guy than a software-programming guy, so I can't do much with Jim's file, though I appreciate the work...
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