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You write
>Before using the macros copy the attached file named bwcom.exe to some convenient place, like your BibleWorks base directory. Then run it (double click it). >It will register itself with the system so you don't have to run it again thereafter. This provides some code that the macros will use to speed up the conversions.

I trust you but can you give some information about what what exactly is this EXE file that you suggest installing to "speed up the conversions"?

Is it something you wrote? Or something somebody else wrote that you renamed? Something that you could have as a DLL? What is it?

Also I can't actually see where to download the attached file. I can't see it attached
bwcom.exe used to be distributed with BW7 many, many years ago. The functionality that it contains is now in the BW program and the data (character tables and conversion routines) in the program is more up to date. So I don't recommend using bwcom.