I've sent this to the appropriate email address as well, but I wanted to post them. I've kept a sticky note of suggestions and thoughts (and afew database errors).

1)Suggestions and questions

QST/QSM seems to run slowly, refresh slowly. Ocassionally, the AI is incorrect, in the sense that you'll have words A B C in the text, and mousing over A shows A, C shows C, and B shows... A or C, but not B. You have to open QSM and then mouse over the morphology version of B. Why is this?

It would be nice if the word learned/unlearned marker in the flashcards could be linked to a WLM or even a 1-click to o directly from "words learned" to highlighting all the words learned/unlearned in the Greek/Hebrew text.

The word list manager needs a small description box under each list, as the verse list manager has.

Aramaic really needs to arrange the AI window so that the dictionary definition appears before the article. I find myself scrolling through the lexicon entry on the article frequently.

Add Aramaic paradigms to paradigm window.

One click to paradigms. Ie., mouse over word, right click and select "paradigms" from the menu, and have it open directly to the appropriate paradigm, or at least the right language.

Something that shows you the verses in a chapter and what verse has a note in it. I use notes in each verse (instead of chapter notes) and I frequently remember that I have a note somewhere in a chapter, but can't remember where, which dictates clicking through each verse until I find what I had noted.

2) Errors
futato gramar. Section 6.10-6.14 the coloring is clearly not what it's supposed to be.

hb'd>ki in Dan 2:9 pulls up a completely wrong word in HALOT. Brings up #8852, ramiti. Should go to #10737.

At=r"WbG> in Jdg 8 21 send you to aramaic instead of Hebrew.

The reference window (which shows you which grammar books have a reference to that passage in it) is wonderful, but inconsistant. Sometimes it will have a passage, and sometimes not. I have also found passages listed in the book but that don't show up in the reference window when I actually open the Bible to that reference.