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    Default Commentaries

    In my view the Word Biblical Commentaries are a mixed bag. Wenham on Genesis is, in my view, the most helpful commentary I've used on Genesis. However, Durham on Exodus is weak on the historicity of that book. I've found the WBC volume on Joshua to be too critical for my taste also. I just bought Stuart on Hosea-Jonah and it has been helpful. In the NT, I've found O'Brien on Philippians to be excellent. Bauckham on 2 Peter is also very helpful (though I think his view of authorship is unfortunate, and unfortunately affects his exegesis in places. Schriener's new commentary in the NAC series has a good argument for the Petrine authorship of Peter which interacts with Bauckham).

    I'm personally buying WBC's on a book-by-book basis.

    The Expositor's Bible Commentary is a good series (Carson on Matthew is great; VanGemeren on the Psalms, etc.), but can be brief at times.

    As mentioned, Dr. Custer’s Tools for Teaching and Preaching the Bible is a good resource. Tremper Longman and D.A. Carson also have helpful commentary survey’s published by Baker (Old Testament Commentary Survey; New Testament Commentary Survey). Carson’s latest edition is just a few years old and Longman’s newest edition just came out.

    Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary also has a helpful book list:

    Here are some Commentaries I’ve found useful:


    Wenham, WBC






    Paul, Hermeneia

    Niehaus (in McComiskey’s 3 volume set on the Minor Prophets--excellent)

    Finely, WEC

    Stuart, WBC


    Niehaus (in McComiskey’s 3 volume set)

    Raabe, AB



    Edwards, PNTC

    Lane, NICNT

    Ryle (devotional)

    1 Peter

    Grudem, TNTC


    Leighton (Puritan)

    2 Peter

    Bauckham, WBC


    Schriener, NAC

    Green, TNTC

    Lloyd-Jones (Sermons)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antti
    Does anyone know something about the Word Biblical Commentary serie?I have been planning to buy the whole serie in an electronic format. What are your opinninons? Is this a good critical commentary serie for exegesis? I would like to have a commentary on every book in the bible, and I cannot buy a book from different serie for each book.
    Any Commentary set is going to be weak in some sections of the scriptures and strong in others, the WBC is no exception. As long as you can sort through the good and the bad. Even with weak spots I've found the WBC, has been a worthy purchase.
    Personally I would suggest that when you get ready to preach through a given book, secure a few excellent individual commentaries on that book, or at least a few reputable ones. (Identifying those for individual purpose is of course the purpose of this thread.)

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    Default Commentaries

    Another helpful source for books for me has been Spurgeon’s "Commenting & Commentaries A Reference Guide to Book Buying for Pastors, Students, and Christian Workers." It was published in 1876 and he gives reference to the old standards. True, it is out of date but still some wise counsel in it. For even an older listing try Darling's list (Cyclopaedia Bibliographica: A Library Manual of Theological and General Literature... (10 Volumes). Others on the list have given a few up-to-date listings.
    Mark Langley
    Sovereign Grace Baptist Church of Topeka, KS

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    Cool My Word on Word

    Quote Originally Posted by Antti
    Does anyone know something about the Word Biblical Commentary serie?
    Hi, Antti — I'm a fervent affirmer of the Divine authority and inerrancy of Scriptural autographa. One's position on that issue affects one's handling of (and being handled by!) the text of Scripture on all levels.

    Having said that (generalization to follow), I find that many of the volumes in the Word series have what I would view as a deficient respect for Scripture, and this affects the quality of the commentary. They may have great value in terms of lexicography, syntax, and other technical areas, but as a strictly biological description of one's wife might be accurate and yet miss the heart of the matter, so these often do. For instance, the volume on 2 Peter has much excellent material per se — but misses much through its failure to affirm Petrine authorship.

    Similarly with the volume on Proverbs, which I find lacking due to the author's relatively low view of the authority of the text of Scripture.

    I'm sure others will have other perspectives to offer; that is mine own. I have and use Word commentaries, but there are better ones available on most books.


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    Exclamation Correction

    Just a small correction:
    Peter O'Brien's Commentary on Philippians is in the NIGTC, not Word. His contribution to WBC was one of the earliest and is on Colossians.

    I was privileged to attend his classes on Ephesians, not knowing that he was about to publish a commentary in the Pillar series. I am looking forward to his next one on Hebrews.

    David McKay

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    Your're right.
    I'd didn't know he was writing one on Hebrews. That's great!

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    Hi Samuelholder-

    I'll list a few that have been helpful to me in my classes the last couple of years:

    Bruce Waltke (Zondervan)

    Tremper Longman (NICOT)
    Michael Eaton (TOTC)

    Darrell Bock (BECNT)

    Raymond Brown (Anchor Bible)

    Moo (NICNT)
    Dunn (WBC)

    Markus Barth
    Peter O'Brien

    Pastoral Epistles
    Knight (NIGTC)


    I also have used the Moody Introductions to the OT. It is a 4 volume set. I own the OT Historical by Howard and the OT Poetic by Bullock. Useful background info and commentary focusing (mostly) on the more difficult passages in the books.

    For NT background and theological help I like the 4 volume IVP Dictionaries.


    For complete commentary sets, I've liked The Expositor's Greek Testament, Keil & Delitzsch, Bible Knowledge Commentary, Expositor's Commentary.

    I wouldn't buy any complete sets like the WBC in print (>55 volumes!). You'll spend a ton and end up getting books from other series to compensate for the ones you don't like. Purchase on a book by book basis.


    By the way, a lot of hard to find theology books for pretty cheap, used of course.

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    Default commentary selection

    I Often Buy Individual Commentaries Rather Than Sets Myself. Here Is Just A Partial List Of Commentaries That I Suggest When People Ask. I Like Commentaries That Deal Not Only With Exegesis, But Also Backgrounds.

    Matt. - D.a. Carson - Expositor's Bible Commentary
    Luke - Darrell Bock -baker Exegetical
    John - D.a. Carson - Pillar Commentary
    Acts - John Polhill - New American Commentary
    Romans - Douglas Moo - New International Commentary N.t.
    I Cor. - David Garland - Baker Exegetical
    Eph. - Harold Hoehner - Exegetical Commentary/ Peter Obrien Pillar Comm.
    Phil. Gordon Fee. - New International Commentary N.t.
    Col./phlm. - Peter Obrien Word Biblical Commentary Series
    Pastorals - I. Howard Marshall - International Critical Comm.
    Revelation - Grant Osborne - Baker Exegetical
    Good Over Views Are Craig Blomberg - Jesus And The Gospels - John Polhill - Paul And His Letters - Both Are Broadman And Holman

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    Default Denver Seminary's list

    Denver Seminary has a helpful online commentary resource. For the Old Testament, visit the Denver Seminary Annotated Old Testament Bibliography.
    For the New Testament, visit the Denver Seminary New Testament Exegesis Bibliography.

    On James I highly recommend Luke Timothy Johnson (Anchor Bible)!
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    Default re-commentaries

    Quote Originally Posted by samuelholder
    if you were to make a list of the top commentaries...which ones would be on there?

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