In my view the Word Biblical Commentaries are a mixed bag. Wenham on Genesis is, in my view, the most helpful commentary I've used on Genesis. However, Durham on Exodus is weak on the historicity of that book. I've found the WBC volume on Joshua to be too critical for my taste also. I just bought Stuart on Hosea-Jonah and it has been helpful. In the NT, I've found O'Brien on Philippians to be excellent. Bauckham on 2 Peter is also very helpful (though I think his view of authorship is unfortunate, and unfortunately affects his exegesis in places. Schriener's new commentary in the NAC series has a good argument for the Petrine authorship of Peter which interacts with Bauckham).

I'm personally buying WBC's on a book-by-book basis.

The Expositor's Bible Commentary is a good series (Carson on Matthew is great; VanGemeren on the Psalms, etc.), but can be brief at times.

As mentioned, Dr. Custer’s Tools for Teaching and Preaching the Bible is a good resource. Tremper Longman and D.A. Carson also have helpful commentary survey’s published by Baker (Old Testament Commentary Survey; New Testament Commentary Survey). Carson’s latest edition is just a few years old and Longman’s newest edition just came out.

Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary also has a helpful book list:

Here are some Commentaries I’ve found useful:


Wenham, WBC






Paul, Hermeneia

Niehaus (in McComiskey’s 3 volume set on the Minor Prophets--excellent)

Finely, WEC

Stuart, WBC


Niehaus (in McComiskey’s 3 volume set)

Raabe, AB



Edwards, PNTC


Ryle (devotional)

1 Peter

Grudem, TNTC


Leighton (Puritan)

2 Peter

Bauckham, WBC


Schriener, NAC

Green, TNTC

Lloyd-Jones (Sermons)