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Thread: A facebook post by a bibleworker I went to high school with

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    Default A facebook post by a bibleworker I went to high school with

    I'm really don't have the energy to get into a facebook fight right now, but I just need to share my frustration.
    " So I just had someone donate and get a Great Controversy, because I didn’t have a mask on!
    Usually I have it hanging on my neck, ready to be quickly put over my mouth & nose—if I happen to meet someone who would appreciate that I do that. For this moment, I happened to leave it in the truck, because I planned to jump out & talk to only few more people, before moving locations!
    This after Joe Biden calls for mandate requiring all Americans to wear a mask (when going outdoors) for “at least” the next three months. . . Just a level of ridiculousness that I disagree with, that’s all.
    (I’m just glad there’s still those who appreciate, love, & respect freedom in America. . . Gives me some hope for our nation in 2020!) ���� [American flag emoji] ��"
    You're really going door to door, not wearing a mask during a pandemic, and putting people in danger. I'm so sick of Adventists claiming to be a caring and loving church when a majority of them can't even do the bare minimum to keep those around omeglevoojio them safe. People like this are out there representing the Adventist church, and sadly they're a pretty good representation.
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    Default You STILL falling for the Mask?

    Masks are useless.

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