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    Hello everyone, I live in Miami and my vibe of the beach and relaxation has suddenly disappeared. I fell into some kind of depression and my psychologist advised me to get distracted by films. Can you suggest to me something to watch? I have already reviewed all the films that I wanted.

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    Hello, depression is terrible. Once I also ran into her after breaking up with a girl I dated for about 3 years, so I understand your condition. I can advise you to read the article by Rick Scott J Cooper Miami. It tells about 6 cool and interesting films about the beach. I think that in your condition this is exactly what you need. Personally, I even watched a couple of the films that are discussed there and I can say with confidence that they are worthy of your attention.

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    I would recommend the movie KidPoker. This is a documentary film dedicated to the legendary poker player Daniel Negreanu. I, like you, had depression and did not know what to do in this life. As a result, this person inspired me and I started learning poker. It all started with poker combinations on this resource . As a result, I became a professional player and started earning decent money.

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