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Thread: Transferring BW to a new computer

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    Default Transferring BW to a new computer

    How do I transfer BibleWorks to my brand new computer?

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    I think a new clean instillation will work. Beyond that you need more help than me. There are files that contain you note and such. Those can be put in the proper folder after the instillation is done.

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    Default Help!!!! Can't install from the BW website

    I tried to download BW10, I have my activation code but there's no place to enter it before downloading.
    I clicked on "download anyway" started downloading then stopped after a full hour (I thought it would work) but at the end it said, "FAILED...FORBIDDEN"
    Where is the proper place or link to download BW10??? HELP1

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    Default Try this thread

    BibleWorks and Windows 11

    Try this thread and--if you wish--report back how far you get

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