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Thread: Can I run BW10 on MacOS Monterey using Rosetta?

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    Default Can I run BW10 on MacOS Monterey using Rosetta?

    Model Name: Mac Studio

    Model Identifier: Mac13,1
    Chip: Apple M1 Max

    If I download a 64bit Windows version, would it work on Rosetta?

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    You can try. Only when we try can we gain the necessary experience and see the errors that arise Elastic man.

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    Sorry, but it will not work. The 64bit windows version was unfortunately not completely finished so the installers do not work on the Mac. You will need to emulate a windows machine for it to work.

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    Can it run? Bootcamp? No, rosetta won't help you outside of Mac OS, and windows for ARM doesn't run on anything outside of a very few machines.

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