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    Now NFT games are not something unusual, there is more and more interest from modern players, especially those who want to make money, and I think that almost everyone is like that. I decided to do on my own to develop an NFT game with the help of developers , which would take the gaming industry to the next level, but time will tell.

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    In fact, the idea of NFT games originated in 2012 with the release of Diablo III. This RPG's peculiarity was that it implemented a free auction between players. Any user could sell or buy an item for in-game currency, which, in turn, could be purchased for real money through microtransactions. I prefer to invest money only in games that I'm good at. These are mostly gambling games. But to avoid losing money, you need to familiarize yourself with at least basic knowledge. Here you can find more information about joe fortune faq. I wish you good luck.
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