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Thread: Why do car rental companies buy NEW cars?

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    Default Why do car rental companies buy NEW cars?

    Why do car rental companies buy NEW cars to rent them when new cars lose value as soon as they are driven off the lot?
    Why don't car rental companies buy used/pre-owned cars then rent those cars instead of continually purchasing new ones?

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    Hello, I know your problem, I recently encountered it, I was looking for a solution for a long time, could not find, then came across the service, and was surprised that so easy to solve this problem, namely to check the history of the car, check the mileage, where the last owner lived, the real mileage and so on, I highly recommend the use, good luck in your search.
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    Such cars can be bought on auto auctions for a very nice price, I recommend to look at . They talk about used cars, and there will be an auction of cars, my brother bought a model there, you should have seen his happy, because he bought it dostuochno cheap.

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