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Thread: Need some help updating my resume to now include my IT experience.

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    Default Need some help updating my resume to now include my IT experience.

    So I had a career change and am finally working in IT and also in school for the same. To keep the post somewhat short I will just focus on what I need to update now with the experience I've accumulated. My ultimate goal is to end up as a sys/network admin.
    Basically key information is this; I work for a contractor which placed me with an MSP and am on a 6 month temp to hire contract. I have a couple months left before talks with MSP begin about onboarding (if they do), but I'd also like to start throwing my resume out there to explore more options.

    • My first question is what points should I focus on when updating my resume? Is there a point in mentioning how huge the contract is that we support which consists of thousands of employees?
    • Also I have worked to some extent with a lot of applications such as SCCM Remote Control, SCCM Configuration Manager, some AD, VSphere, Azure, ServiceNow, there's honestly so many that we are required to know how to use it feels silly putting them all on a resume. Do these go under skills? If so, just the major ones?
    • Given that I am in school, I have not earned certs yet because they are part of my curriculum which I intend to follow. Would this negatively impact me as opposed to just getting the certs on my own time? For example Network+, CCNA, etc. are all part of my curriculum as classes, I just haven't reached them yet.

    Thanks for reading, I know some of these may seem like silly questions, but I am having a mental block with how to get my resume to look good incase I choose to part ways with MSP and go elsewhere.
    Appreciate all your input!

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    Default Helping with essay

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