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Thread: women: Rolex or Cartier?

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    Default women: Rolex or Cartier?

    I知 23F and debating between the 36mm Oyster Perpetual in Candy Pink or the Cartier Panth鑽e. I think the Rolex will hold value better but I like how the Cartier looks more like jewelry. I知 curious what people prefer. I知 leaving towards Rolex and I知 in the waitlist for it.

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    You asked a rather interesting question. As someone who loves watches and has been wearing them for 20 years, I think a womens diamond rolex would look much better on a woman than a Cartier. I have seen several women who wear rolexes and I assure you it looks just unbelievably beautiful! I hope my answer helps you.

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    If it was me, I will choose Cartier fnf mod

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