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    I have a mostly corrected text of Diognetus with which I would like to replace the existing BW Diognetus text (which has many typos). My preference would be to open BW APF in MS Word and by means of cut and paste save the file with the corrected text. Is this possible and if so could someone explain to this computer challenged fella how to do it?

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    Scott Wells

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    You don't want to edit it in Word, because you can't have any formatting in a user database file before it is compiled. It has to be a .txt file. So you need to edit it with WordPad or Notepad.
    There was an edited apf.txt file with its accompanying apf.ddf file available in the Master List Of BW Add-ons Created By Users. If you ckick on Greek Apostolic Fathers Update it will direct you to a web page that has a corrected file of the Greek Apostolic Fathers. That file may have already corrected some of the errors you found, though I believe most of the corrections in that file are in Hermas. It would be much easier for you to download those files and save them in your BibleWorks userdb folder, then open the apf.txt file with WordPad, make your substitution, save the changes, and then use the "Version database compiler" in the BibleWorks "Tools" menu to recompile your corrected version. I would be interested in seeing what you come up with, since I provided the Apostolic Fathers file that shipped with BibleWorks as well as the corrected files on the Master List. I have found a couple more typos, so if I could add your corrections, I intend to keep this Update updated until it comes out corect in the next release of BW.
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    Mark Eddy
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    Quote Originally Posted by S A Wells
    ...could someone explain to this computer challenged fella how to do it?
    As Mark said, you can't use Word, or any other program that incorporates invisible formatting.

    I would use Notepad. Or, if you want an outstanding, actually, an EXTRA outstanding replacement for Notepad, go to --

    and download the trial version of NoteTab Pro. I have found this program to be indispensable.

    Anyway --

    1) Open APF.txt, or APD.txt, Or APE.txt (whichever file you're actually going to edit) in Notepad or a similarly format-free program. These files will be found in your Bibleworks 6\userdb folder.

    2) Replace the current version of Diognetes with your version. You'll want to make sure that you delete ALL of the original Diognetes material, and you'll want to make sure that you follow the rules of how to format the .txt file. Thus, I STRONGLY suggest that you read the manual on this topic before you begin.

    3) Save the file as a .txt file. You should save it in the exact same name, i.e., apf.txt, or apd.txt, or ape.txt, and make sure that it is in your Bibleworks 6\userdb folder. It MUST be in this folder.

    4) From BW, open the VDC -- Tools|Version Database Compiler.

    5) From the VDC, open APF.ddf, or APD.ddf, or APE.ddf, whichever file you're editing.

    6) Make sure all the options are correct (they should load correctly automatically when you open the ddf file).

    7) Make sure "Install after Compiling" is checked (lower right hand box in the VDC window).

    8) Click on "Compile."

    This should do it.

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