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    Default Copy Window Search Range

    Hi there, I want to copy a range of verses but then I'm getting this error message. Copying single verses (9,10,11,12) works, what am I doing wrong?

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    Iím not sure what tool you are using but if you highlight the passage in the Browse window and copy it to the clip board it should work fine. If you donít want to change the current Browse window view, search version, or passage, you can always open a new Browse window and use it for copying purposes.

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    Lieber Moritzi, bei mir tritt dieses Problem auch auf. (BE v. Ich nutze dafŁr:

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    Ichhoffe, das hilft weiter!?

    Gott segne Dich, Peter
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    Default This is strange, but ...

    Charlie, this appears to be from the "Copy" button just above the search results, 5th option "Popup Copy Window".

    Moritzi, try using lower case for 1pe 2:9-12. When I tried to duplicate your error message I could not, using 1pe 2:9-12. But when I used 1Pe 2:9-12 I got the same error message you did. I have not been able to get the error message again, so this may or may not work for you.


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    Cool, I've never used that tool before. Like sending the search results to Word list manager I thought it copied all the search results. I tried it in two English translations (including the ASV) and a Greek text and they all worked fine with or without the capital letter. If the OP has a previous restore point that worked, he could try restoring it to that point.


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    Hi guys, I found the solution!!

    My modified bna file had 3 more columns than the original (in the options window tools-options-book names it simple said alias 4/5/6 which is why I didnít realise any problem). Now with deleting those columns everything works.

    Thanks heaps for your help in this!! If you want a neat German book names file, please help yourself:

    Many blessings from Austria, Georg

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