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    My Autodesk Revit license has ended quite recently, and I am looking for some discounts for this software. Please recommend some places where it is on sale.

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    Do you mean the free trial ended? I guess so. But it isn't really that important. I can recommend a great place where you will find purchase used software licences . I hope you don't mind the second-hand software. It is completely safe to buy from this marketplace. I bought my license from there and it is fine.

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    Yes. I meant this, but you are right it isn't importaint. And thank you for sharing this link here.

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    Hi all. Finding a good software development company is very difficult these days. This is due to the fact that this niche has become incredibly popular in recent years and among all this abundance of the same companies it is very difficult to make a choice. But I think you should pay attention to the company
    These guys are one of the best software development companies, especially when it comes to the .NET framework.

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