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Thread: User Notes will not load

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    Default User Notes will not load

    I had to reinstall my BW10 today. All went well until I tried to load my personal user notes.
    The notes were copied from a USB to the notes file in BW10 and they are there.
    I can click on Chapter and Auto Load but neither do anything.
    The Load button is grayed out and doesn't work.
    If I type a new note it will take and save it. But old notes are rejectied.
    I've tried Repair mode with no change.

    I have a lifetime of personal study notes that are useless at the moment.
    Any ideas or advise on how to get my note file to appear in the Analysis Window?

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    Default User Notes

    Dear docroc, I cannot understand your problem. The self-created verse notes are saved in the folder you defined with "Choose Notes Dir". I've moved and relinked this folder several times with no problems. This folder is currently in my cloud. And BW finds him there too and all the notes are there. Maybe you can find some advice in the BW Help "17 Analysis Window - Taking Notes on Verses"! Kind regards, Peter

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    I assume you are using Windows.
    I don't understand why your "Load" button would be grayed -- I cannot replicate that.

    The most likely problem is that you saved them to a directory different than the one BW is looking in. If you are displaying the status bar at the bottom of your notes tab, it will tell you where it is creating your new notes. (If it isn't showing, right click in the notes tab and click on "Show Status Bar". If the file path shown there when you create a new note is not the same as where you copied your old notes, then you can either move your old notes to the new location, or reset the BW notes directory (see Help section "17 Analysis Window - Taking Notes on Verses" for how to do that.)
    If the paths are the same, there may be some feature of Windows that is "protecting" the copied files from BW.


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