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Thread: BW5 on Windows 10 Pro

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    Default BW5 on Windows 10 Pro

    I have BW5. At my office/study I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H2, and my BW5 installed without a hitch. Since I was getting a new computer in my home/study I went with Windows 10 Pro to make sure of compatibility. However, when installing it on the home system I get an error message: “An installation support file could not be installed. Catastrophic failure.” Thinking that if I copied the installed program files from the office/study it may have the needed file. Copied it to the home/study computer under the /Program files(86), clicked on the bw500 file to start up, but still got the same message. Not sure what to do.

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    As I understand it, versions of BW older than BW8 need special action to work on recent versions of Windows.
    Check this entry in BW knowledgebase, it is quite old, but may be helpful.


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