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Thread: BW 10 and Liunx

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    Dears, I want to install BW10 on a liunx distribution, I see that some members successfully run it on Ubuntu with a layer like Wine or PlayOnLinux. Is anyone has already different experience to have it running on different Linux distrib with different layers ? What are your experiences and advises ? Do we have a guide fir that ?
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    Please go to this thread:

    Look for response #20 by Paul G. I have used these instructions to successfully install BW10 on Linux, and I use it almost daily on Linux without issues. I'm using it on Fedora 35 currently. One of the things that I have noticed is that when wine updates there the first start of BW10 on Linux takes just a little bit longer as the Wine settings are redone, but it is very usable. There are a few things in the editor that don't work right, like linking, but I solve that by must putting the whole Bible passage into the note instead of linking to the Bible passages in the notes.

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