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Thread: Making money on crypto

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    Default Making money on crypto

    I want something easy and simple. What options do I have here? Don't recommend NFT here.

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    That's good, straight to the deal. If you want the best gambling experience, there's only one option(at least the one I know of) and this is bitcoin games on . Just check the link and start playing. That's all that it takes now. Just yesterday I won 1k, so may the same or better luck be bestowed upon you.

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    I don't know yet. Of course, I will try it out with a small sum, but I think I will wait for some additional options before abandoning this thread.

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    Default invest long term!

    Crypto like every other type of investment is good only when you play long term. Open a Binance account and put 50-100-500$ every month/week. Depends on your income.

    do this and you will make good money in couple years

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    As one of the options for making a profit on crypto - start looking at offers to trade on the exchange. Yes, it's not easy and you will have to study the theory and look through the examples of those who have been trading for a long time. But then you can make good money on it. Also, choose a service, where you can buy bitcoin exchange at an attractive rate. For example, you can do it with this online service

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    Default I am learning how to earn money online and recently I have found this resource I am u

    I am learning how to earn money online and recently I have found this resource
    I am using it for 6 months already

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    Several times I tried to make money on cryptocurrencies but to be honest, I didnít succeed and as a result I just lost quite a lot of money. After that, I decided to try Forex trading and I succeeded in this niche. Yes, at first it was difficult, because I did not know where to look for information, but then I stumbled upon FBS. Here I was able to find a large number of interesting articles, such as this one about how to calculate profit in forex.
    I strongly recommend that you carefully study the site of this broker, on it you will find a lot of useful information.

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    Default Advice

    Cryptocurrency games and faucets are a waste of time, you can also run into fraud. You need a lot of money to start mining. No need to chase free tokens. Try to learn trading and exchange, now there is a lot of useful content in this direction. I once invested $100 in bitcoin a year ago and now I canít withdraw it, there is a third of the amount left
    I am betting at the Pin-Up casino, this is not advertising, this also requires money, time and skills. I chose this particular site because no winnings were withdrawn on others, there is also a lot of deception in this area.

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    You've picked a contemporary and accessible way for everyone to start making money. I support your decision, and like you, I'm already sick of NFTs. If you're looking for something different, I suggest you check out the best micro forex broker. One close acquaintance recommended I give it a try. What can I say? Forex trading is opening new gates and new paths. Not everyone finds themselves in this field. At least, I recommend you give it a try. I sincerely hope you will succeed! Please keep us updated about your decision and results. All the best!
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    Hi. Personally, I don't really like making money from cryptocurrency, because it is unreliable. The volatility in the cryptocurrency market is much higher than in the stock market, which greatly increases the risks. Personally, I prefer to trade on forex. I started just recently and at first I had problems finding a broker, but then I was lucky to come across FBS, I advise you to join now.
    And i think this broker at the moment is one of the best and the most reliable. I hope my answer will help you.

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