What a great program BW 10 is! Thanks to Michael Bushel and Mark Eddy. Can't thank you and the others enough, really.

That said,

1) is there a way to control how long the BW Maps Module labels appear?
2) other than adding my own overlays is there any way to edit the existing overlays?

1) I've edited several labels by adding quite a bit of information so that I now can read at a glance the rollover information in the label. But it would be nice to control the amount of time the label stays visible.
2) I really have no interest in creating new overlays siince there would be a lot to it. However in Paul's third missionary journey I'm attempting to trace his steps and just learn what went on and am finding sometimes the existing overlay has his boat going across small pieces of land. I'd like to make those adjustments if possible.

Thanks for whoever might have experience,