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Thread: BibleWorks and Windows 11

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    Default Successful Install of ISO

    praise Yahweh, praise Yeshua (Psalm 33:1)

    I am typing from a Windows 11 laptop which now has BW10, Revision installed from Mike Bushell's own file. The one on the BW 'Goodbye' page gives an error message which I could not get past, saying something like, 'This page is not working now, try again later or contact the site owner,' so I attempted to contact Mr. Bushell, who answered.

    After I sent him a succinct message with certain data one would know as a legitimate BW user--proving to him my legitimacy--he sent a private file. My guess is that Mike has gone ahead and attempted to redesign BW10 to continue to work with Windows 11 in whatever revisions he's still doing. Even my extensive Maps Module works, though I've more than doubled its size since beginning to edit it. All notes are transferred and inserted in the new installation. Same with edits to the BW Timeline.

    I still have a problem or two in that our unlock codes for BDAG and HALOT don't fit the fields provided. This is because I upgraded from BW9 to BW10 and paid a reduced price at the time for the upgrade, and because I had purchased BDAG and HALOT with BW7, years before, when the codes were in a different format. Hence there is no way to enter them into the installation procedure because they don't fit.

    But Mr. Bushell, bless him, fixed part of that problem as well for my wife and me.

    But then the problem became that BW10 will ask for insertion of original CD media to validate codes, once they are typed in. The new laptop has no CD drive, so I'm still trying to figure out how to copy BW7 CDs to USB format to be able to insert them, or else go the other way and copy CD datum to an external, then connect the external to the new computer via USB.

    My prayer is that only genuine BW owners contact Mr. Bushell. I'm sure he's a busy man.

    If there's anything else you guys require from me, feel free to ask.
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