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Thread: BibleWorks and Windows 11

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    Question BibleWorks and Windows 11

    Does anyone know if BibleWorks runs without problems on Windows 11?

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    Smile win 11 and BW10

    Since 1 week I`m working with BW10 under Win 11,
    so far without problems! Im happy!
    I`m a German
    Sincerely, Peter

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    Red face Thank you!

    Thank you for the Feedback!

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    I've been running BW10 since august as a windows insider. Now in official win 11 release. Never had any problems!



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    Default BW9 works with Windows 11

    I've been running BW9 under Windows 11 for 2 weeks now with no problems.

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    I've just started using BW9 in Windows 11 and haven't had any problems. Very happy about this ^^
    1v1 battle

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    Quote Originally Posted by online-today View Post
    Does anyone know if BibleWorks runs without problems on Windows 11?
    I'm facing a similar issue. I have used BW4 nearly every day since 2003. About 10 days ago my DELL 3010 died unexpectedly and with it my BW application
    I want to grab at least BW8, but cannot possible afford BW10. It appears the only way to do that is to buy a used license, and I have no idea how that works. I did look on ebay as recommended, but saw nothing. Is there another source ("Sticky" is one perhaps?) where i can "go fish?" Since my crash I'm working with one NUC computer running Windows 10. I'm willing to try putting BW4 back in service, but having moved from XP to WP7-Ultimate, I remember there was a whole list of things that had to be deleted or changed before starting the software. Then too, this new device doesn't have a CD drive, so there ya go. I may be stuck with "that other 'WORD' software." I'm glad to hear BW10 runs with W10 and W11 (although I hear W!! is another tool of Beelzebub).

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