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Thread: BW6 unlocked modules

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    Default BW6 unlocked modules

    I am a newbie to the Forum and a long-time user of BW6, which has been very helpful to me. I had to change laptops and I can't find activation codes for several modules. During installation, I was instructed to look for unlocked modules. Since these are on the old laptop, is there a way to identify these files so I can copy them and add to the modules folder on the new laptop?

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Gary T.

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    When I switched to a new laptop, I had the computer guy just copy my entire BibleWorks program from the old hard drive to the new (in the appropriate file). It works fine. All the unlock codes were automatically there and working. Somehow he had an external drive which could do this. Of course, he had to delete it from the mediating drive, and if the old computer is still being used, it probably needs to be deleted from that hard drive (you are allowed to use BW on two different computers, but not at the same time by different people).
    Mark Eddy
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