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Thread: Problem with resources not not being properly keyed to verses on Mac

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    Default Problem with resources not not being properly keyed to verses on Mac

    Hi all, first time posting here. I've been using Bibleworks 10 for about 6 years and I just switched from a PC to a Mac. So I've been finding out about all kinds of things related to that reading on the forums here the last couple days. I did get BibleWorks installed just fine, eventually. But one thing, that I find pretty major, is messed up. When I'm hovering over a verse with the resource window open and go over to click on a link to say Wallace's grammar it opens a blank window. On the pc, it would take me directly to the particular section of Wallace where that verse was quoted. It doesn't do that now. Just opens the blank window where I can go and read through Wallace but doesn't link to my verse. What is up with this? Anyone else had this? Any way to fix it?

    Just so you know what I've done. I downloaded the ISO file from the bibleworks website. Then installed it using crossover. I've installed all he updates through BibleWorks as well.

    I'm running Big Sur 11.6 on a MacBook Air m1.

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    Is it faulty? I have learned a lot about MAC. But I haven't used it too much, its interface is quite complicated, maybe because I'm not familiar, so I still use PC now. we become what we behold

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    Default good

    Is it defective? I've learned a great deal about MAC. But I haven't used it much because its interface is extremely complicated, perhaps because I'm unfamiliar with it, therefore I continue to use a PC. basketball stars

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