The BW Wordtip Tool and the Vocab Tool both list the word for thunder as βροντή, - ους , ἡ.

My Barclay Newman printed versions are from 1971 and merely show βροντή, - ῆς, ἡ. Like all other resources:

  • All of my vocab books (4 of them),
  • All of my lexicons (including Liddell-Scott-Jones’ online version and also the big printed classical dictionary+ supplement),
  • All of the BW sources (including BDAG, Friberg, Gingrich, Louw-Nida, Moulton-Milligan, Thayer)
  • Except for the BW word-tips feature and the vocab Tool—all others merely list the word as βροντή, - ῆς, ἡ.
  • After a quick search, I did not even find a 3rd declension pattern for βροντή, - ους , ἡ
  • Not one of these sources gives even a hint of any form like βροντους. let alone as a genitive form. And all of the genitive forms in LXX/NT in BGT are βροντῆς. (Ps. 76:19; 103:7; Job 26:14; Sir. 32:10; 43:17; Isa. 29:6; Mk. 3:17; Rev. 6:1; 14:2)

I’m guessing the form βροντή, - ους , ἡ is a mistake originating with Barclay Newman’s online version (in BW this is “Prepared by Barclay M. Newman, Jr., © 1971 United Bible Societies, © 1993 Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, Stuttgart.” Logos does this as well.)

Could someone confirm this or set me straight? If I'm wrong about this, I'd like to be corrected. Thanks.
Gary D. Collier