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Thread: BW 10 failed when reinstalling

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    Default BW 10 failed when reinstalling

    2 days ago I reinstalled BibleWorks 10 on my computer. I just want to install the latest version. But now it crashes, and I can't use it again. I don't know for any reason. Someone, please help me, tell me what should I do in this case.

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    Did you install it from the ISO download posted on BW web site? It is my understanding that is the only way to reinstall BW10. It worked fine when I did it.

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    I had similar problem. In my case the first uninstall was incomplete and what wasn't properly uninstalled interfered with the re-installation.

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    Default Not able to activate

    Can someone provide me with the iso download?


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    The iso down load is found on BW website. Scroll down the page to get to it. It is a very long down load 22 gigs.

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