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Thread: BW not starting on Win 10 laptop

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    Default BW not starting on Win 10 laptop


    I've recently had to swap out a harddrive on my laptop and after a fresh install from rev7 ISO was unable to get BW 10 to start.
    At first I was getting error messages about cyrillic, then greek font, but after 2-3 reboots those messages seem to have gone away.
    However it still won't start - there is an initial splash image with all the modules loading and the process appearing in task manager while that is going on, but then it disappears (seems quite similar to what Ron experienced in

    Deleting the bw100base.ini (no other ini files are created) or starting as admin does not seem to help.
    Repair function of the BW maintenance tool does not seem to help either.
    inetdbg.txt (some sort of log file I assume) notes the start time and date of the program but is otherwise empty.
    I've even tried a few of the compatibility settings without any success.

    Anyone have any troubleshooting tips or suggestions?
    (And yes I've reinstalled it several times before getting past the font issue in the first place)

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    I've decided to do a small experiment and installed BW on a different partition on the same harddrive, where I have the windows 11 insider build installed and it works... guess I'll be using windows 11 more often than I thought...

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