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Thread: Hebrew Retroversion of the LXX Twelve Prophets

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    Smile Hebrew Retroversion of the LXX Twelve Prophets


    Back in 2015, I finished several years of work on a Hebrew retroversion of the Greek text of the LXX Twelve Prophets, which served as a stepping-stone for my Master’s thesis.

    Now years later, I’ve finally gotten around to uploading (to my Academia site) the four BibleWorks files necessary to load this custom Hebrew text and morphology into BibleWorks. I also uploaded a readme file that gives a brief introduction to this custom version, as well as detailed instructions for installing it into BibleWorks 10. (Most likely, the same instructions would work for BibleWorks 9, but I can’t guarantee.)

    You can find the four BibleWorks files (plus the readme) at the following location:

    Here is an abbreviated version of the introductory remarks in the readme:

    This readme is concerned with the following four files:

    lrt.vmf <- lrt.vmf.txt
    lrm.vmf <- lrm.vmf.txt

    The files lrt.txt and lrm.txt together constitute a custom Bible version designed for use in the BibleWorks 10 software program (using its Version Database Compiler).

    More specifically, lrt.txt and lrm.txt are a Hebrew text and morphology, where 'lrt' stands for 'LXX Retroversion Text,' and 'lrm' stands for 'LXX Retroversion Morphology.'

    Technically, the only part of lrt.txt and lrm.txt that constitutes a Hebrew retroversion of the LXX is the text and morphology of the Twelve Prophets (Hosea–Malachi). This was developed as a tool for analyzing the coherence of the LXX arrangement of the books of the Twelve Prophets, as detailed in my Master's thesis, "Toward the Originally Authored Book of the Twelve: Testing the Coherence of the Variant Shapings of the Twelve Prophets” (by Craig Petrovich).

    The rest of lrt.txt and lrm.txt is merely a copy of the MT text and morphology of the Tanak, as drawn from the BibleWorks 9 versions of wtt.txt and wtm.txt, respectively. (BibleWorks 9 was the most recent version when I began work on my thesis. By the time BibleWorks 10 came out, it didn't occur to me that I should update lrt.txt and lrm.txt to the latest version of the MT text and morphology.)

    Note that this amalgamation of LXX and MT texts was a necessity forced upon me by BibleWorks, since the only way to load my LXX Hebrew retroversion of the Twelve into their program was as part of a complete text and morphology of the Tanak.

    Please be aware that, for any custom Hebrew text and morphology loaded into BibleWorks, the "Analysis Window functionality will be limited," as noted in section 67 ("Compiling Version Databases") of the BibleWorks Help Contents. As they go on to explain, "Analysis Window automatic lexicon lookups will not work" for whatever Hebrew word you hover over in the Browse Window for the custom Hebrew version in question – in our case, LRT/LRM. "This is because Hebrew Lookups for the WTT/WTM version in BibleWorks use a hand edited database that assigns lexicon entry numbers to each Hebrew word in context. Those lookup tables are valid only for the WTT/WTM version." (What they fail to also mention is that this also cripples the lexicon lookup process for the context-sensitive menu option "Lookup Lemma in Lexicon Browser," when you right-mouse-click on a Hebrew word in the Browse Window for the custom Hebrew version in question. Their lexicon lookup is hard-coded, so that they wrongly assume you are hovering over whatever Hebrew word would be in that same position in the WTT/WTM version.)

    But even though automatic lexicon lookups will not function correctly for this (or any) custom Hebrew version, the top-most part of the Analysis Window will give the CORRECT parsing information for whatever Hebrew word you hover over in the Browse Window. This top-most part of the Analysis Window – the morphological parsing info – is the part that stands above (and is marked out as distinct from) the automatic lexicon lookup.

    The files lrt.vmf and lrm.vmf are verse mapping files, used by BibleWorks to convert LRT/LRM verse references, whenever they differ from verse references in another version. Verse references in the Twelve Prophets portion of the LRT/LRM are designed to follow the verse references of the Twelve Prophets portion of the Göttingen Greek LXX. All other verse references in the LRT/LRM should be identical to those found in the WTT/WTM (i.e., the Hebrew MT). (Due to file format restrictions on uploads to, lrt.vmf and lrm.vmf have been temporarily renamed to lrt.vmf.txt and lrm.vmf.txt, respectively.)

    Blessings in Jesus!
    Craig Petrovich

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    Default Good read

    Glad to see you are into this godly work since 2015. I have already started to read the thing you shared i will come up some unsolved questions hope you can clarify those Craig.

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    Thanks for the encouragement, atalji! I would love to engage with you on any questions you have

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