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Thread: Two problems after fresh BW10 install on Mac

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    Unhappy Two problems after fresh BW10 install on Mac

    I had BW10 running on my newer MacBook (macOS High Sierra) for several years now (Mac installer 10-44, BibleWorks version However, for other (unrelated) reasons I need to upgrade my newer MacBook to the latest OS version (macOS Big Sur), which will then prevent BibleWorks from running on that machine.

    So I decided to install BW10 on my older MacBook (macOS High Sierra), which I can then maintain at the same OS version, thus preserving for me a functioning BibleWorks. Thankfully, the installation worked — sort of — and I can roughly function as before. But I did run into the following two problems:

    1. Even though I used the latest Mac installer 10-44, I ended up with BibleWorks version — which is a few steps older than what I had running on my newer MacBook (namely, as noted above). I figured that I could shore things up by doing a “Check for Updates,” but when I tried that, no updates were available. One of the major downsides of this is that doesn’t have the newer and improved “scaling” capabilities that has. So portions of BibleWorks currently exhibit super-tiny text with weird overlappings of window-segments, making some parts of the program very difficult to read (as compared to the version that’s on my newer MacBook).

    2. Even though I successfully activated the LEH module (the LXX Greek lexicon by Lust), it is not showing up in the list of possible lexicons to choose from in the “Default Analysis Window Greek Lexicons” popup. I know that this module was activated, because I am able to open the “Lexicons” window, and I can choose “LEH Greek lexicon” from the pull down menu — and all the contents of Lust’s lexicon are viewable there. I just don’t have the option to make it viewable in the Analysis Window.

    If anyone has any thoughts that could help me with either of these issues, I would greatly appreciate it :)

    Craig Petrovich

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    Quote Originally Posted by OerthScribe View Post
    1. Even though I used the latest Mac installer 10-44, I ended up with BibleWorks version which is a few steps older than what I had running on my newer MacBook (namely, as noted above).
    I know nothing about Mac, but...
    My understanding is that to install BW10 on a Mac, you need two things -- the latest BibleWorks10 .iso installation file (a very large file), and the Mac installer 10-44. To install BW version you must have pointed the Mac installer to a very old BW10 installation file.

    Using the newer installation file may well fix your problems.
    This article in the BW Knowledgebase may help with the uninstall, reinstall process:


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    First of all, thank you so much for the reply, Jim!

    I didn't realize there was a different .iso file that I could obtain out there on the internet. I just assumed I would use the thumb-drive that I had originally received from BibleWorks (for BibleWorks 10), and subsequently I would run the updater within BibleWorks to update it to the very latest version. (In the couple of years after BibleWorks the company closed down, I remember seeing updates available once or twice via the updater. So I assumed that the updater was living on, even after the company closed up shop.)

    Ok, so I need to get the latest .iso file. That begs the question of which .iso file is the latest? You wouldn't happen to know which is the latest, or where to go to be sure that I'm getting the latest, would you?

    Doing my own quick search, I see the following versions of .iso files:
    - BW10rev7 [posted 2019-08-13; file size: 22 GB (23,994,171,392 bytes)]
    - BibleWorks10rev6.iso [file size: 23,994,171,392 bytes]
    - BibleWorks10rev4.iso [file size: 21,747,793,920 bytes]
    - BibleWorks10rev2.iso [file size: 20,981,874,688 bytes]

    Oops. I'm pretty sure I can't get any of those .iso files that I found reference to. The link for the BW10rev7 iso file took me to a Google drive, but it said that the file I was looking for was in the owner's trash on that drive. And I believe (based on another forum posts I was reading) that the mechanism (at the BibleWorks website) previously used to obtain rev6, rev4, and rev2 is no longer a functional mechanism. I think (based on a different forum post) that I need to private message someone named MBushell, who might be able to give me a link to the .iso file. Do you know of any other pathways that I should be using?


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    Yes, you need to send a Private Message (via this forum) to MBushell, giving your BW10 Serial Number / Activation Code. I was in contact with someone a few months ago who successfully downloaded it that way, so I think that process still works.

    I'd like to hear how things work out for you.


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    Thanks, Jim!

    Yes, I sent a private message (via this forum) to MBushell, and he eventually hooked me up with a link to the latest .iso file (BW10_rev7.iso).

    Woohoo!!! I’m all up and running now with the latest version of BibleWorks ( . . . thanks to that newer .iso file

    Initially, MBushell had hoped that I could simply download the .iso file using the publically available link found at However, after several attempts (that spanned about a day’s time), even he couldn’t figure out why the download wasn’t working for me. At that point, he just sent me a special link (via email), giving me shared access to the .iso file. The link he sent me worked like a charm!

    Thanks again, Jim, for initially responding to my forum post and getting the ball rolling for me. Your response got me investigating various forum threads and knowledge base articles, so that I eventually learned why I was running into the problems I was running into by installing from the old media on the thumb drive from BibleWorks.

    For anyone else who runs into a similar problem and stumbles on this forum thread, here are some of the other forum threads and knowledge base articles that I ended up reading through and that filled in the gaps in my understanding:

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    Default Mac Version Not Working for Me

    I just transitioned from PC to MAC and cannot get BW to run on my MAC no matter which of the two versions I download, install, and attempt to run. Just a repeated "BibleWorks quit unexpectedly" error every time. Should I try to reach out to MBushell as noted above? Thank you for any help you can provide.


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    Hi, JH!

    What version of the macOS are you trying to install BibleWorks on? I don't really have any thoughts for you, aside from making sure that you're not installing BibleWorks on one of the newer versions of the macOS. I installed mine on an older Mac, which I am keeping at macOS High Sierra (10.13). I don't actually remember which newer macOS version is the 'line in the sand' that you don't want to cross

    Other than that, yes, you may want to dialogue with MBushell.

    Good luck!

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