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Thread: Sharing bibleworks in vr

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    Red face Sharing bibleworks in vr

    Hi guys not sure which area to post in but ive been thinking about organising a group to meet up in virtual reality to discuss bibleworks and how we can grow it with more reach (and hopefully more interactive for the audience) i have a friend over at who is going to help me set up. but the question is, before i waste any time do you think this is something that would interest enough people?

    Thank you

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    anyone unfamiliar can check out

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    Quote Originally Posted by heyitsstilts View Post
    To be honest, I have not met anything like this before, but I think that such a proposal will be very relevant in our difficult times. Therefore, with pleasure I will join, as we are developing a virtual reality course, where it would be possible to communicate with each other in the process of training, so your information for me was useful.

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