Dear everybody,

I am not a proper English writer, but I think you will understand.

I am very interested in using BibleWorks 10, but legaly. I mean: I want permission from the makers/copyright-owners. I do not need any warranty or support. Just the program and permission to use it. Full package of the latest version, please. Name the price.

It is possible to buy it from Ebay and Amazon, but these are not legal shops (I think). It is also possible to download it with torrent. But I do not need to steal and somebody did a lot of work for it.

If there is no official way to buy it, then I like to think about a simple agreement with the maker/makers. I do not care about warranty and support. The video's on Youtube are enough support to me. I have EU bankaccount and creditcard.

Friendly regards,

Vinnie - at the moment in Hungary (Europe)