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Thread: Legaly getting Bibleworks after 2018?

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    Smile Legaly getting Bibleworks after 2018?

    Dear everybody,

    I am not a proper English writer, but I think you will understand.

    I am very interested in using BibleWorks 10, but legaly. I mean: I want permission from the makers/copyright-owners. I do not need any warranty or support. Just the program and permission to use it. Full package of the latest version, please. Name the price.

    It is possible to buy it from Ebay and Amazon, but these are not legal shops (I think). It is also possible to download it with torrent. But I do not need to steal and somebody did a lot of work for it.

    If there is no official way to buy it, then I like to think about a simple agreement with the maker/makers. I do not care about warranty and support. The video's on Youtube are enough support to me. I have EU bankaccount and creditcard.

    Friendly regards,

    Vinnie - at the moment in Hungary (Europe)

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    Default similar question

    Hey Vinnie,
    I am sorry no one was able to get back with you yet. If they give permission I wouldn't mind sharing my BibleWorks 8 with you, but like you, I respect their right to withhold permission. This software is so amazing, I hope you are able to acquire it. It's by far the best money I ever spent.

    I came here myself to seek permission to share my software with a family member, though she is not living with me in my house. Is this allowed, does anyone know?

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    Default Sharing

    Sharing with family after they leave home is a bit of a stretch but I am OK with it as long as people don't abuse the idea by redefining what a family is :-)

    But as far as getting legal copies, there really is no way to do that now except by purchasing from a previous owner. Doing it on AMazon or e-Bay is risky. They are almost always pirated copies.

    As far as one person sharing with another, or someone working out an arrangement to copy the program with no support, but an exchange of money, that really isn't possible. It would be no problem except for the copyrighted databases in the program. We paid licensing fees on every copy sold and no long have a license to sell the copyrighted material or even a way to pay licensors. I regret that BibleWorks was not able to continue distribution.


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    I see. Thanks Mike for letting us know what the issue is.
    I've actually been praying about this, and thinking about contacting the developers to see if they would reconsider releasing BW to the public.
    It would be such an incredible tool for so many people.
    But I see that without getting permissions from many organizations it wouldn't be legal or right.

    Thanks for letting me know.


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    Lightbulb BW 8.0 and... To be sure

    Dear Asher and Mike,

    I found a website distributing BibleWorks 8.0 for free. I did test it and it works. Maybe it is good for Mike to know this.

    Second... Mike... your first sentence was complicated. I am not a native English speaker and I want to be certain about it. You wrote:

    "As far as one person sharing with another, or someone working out an arrangement to copy the program with no support, but an exchange of money, that really isn't possible."

    Did it say:
    "As far as one person sharing with another [it's oké], or someone working out an arrangement to copy the program with no support [nothing to say about it. It's oké]." But with a exchange of money [absolutely forbidden], that is not really possible [like I said FORBIDDEN!!!!]."

    I have seen that with this program are a lot of copyright-holders involved. But it would be great if a freeware version became available. Transcriptions of Textus Receptus, morphology and coloring of morphological text and a LSJ dictionary would be enough. I serious bible-student does not like the commericialy new bible "translations".
    For the use of manuscripts, I can also go to this German Institute of New Testament studies (I forgot the name of it).

    So, if it is possible to undress the programm of all commercial content. Maybe it is still a attractive programm for serious bible-students and translators. I checked the copyright-holders list and I think it would be.

    Friendly regards,


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    Edited - I see MBushell has advised that there are copyright issues with using much BW material without purchase.
    Unfortunately we can't legally share our copies except to family.
    However, some say you can use the non-copyright material on free programs.
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