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Thread: Links to "lost" BW Resources

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    Default Links to "lost" BW Resources

    On this forum, the link to "BibleWorks FAQs" is broken. On the site, the "KB" tab takes you to, which I think is the same thing.

    In BW10, "Main Menu / Help / BibleWorks How-To Videos (Online) / How to View the Videos (FAQ)" link is broken. takes you to it. This particular page is very useful -- it displays the titles of all the You Tube tutorials, in their playlists, so you can search for your particular problem area.

    The Unofficial BibleWorks Blog is no more, but the most recent copy of this fantastic resource is available here:
    The links that I have checked work.

    Unfortunately, I cannot find the "Classroom Tips" anywhere. has a copy of the index page, but not of any of the links that I checked. Does anyone know if they are still around somewhere?


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    I still find the need to go back to the "class room tips." I hope someone can do something to help here.

    I for one still use BW as my main tool. Have so for over 20 yrs. I don't like seeing the slow drift away from anything that offers support/enhancement for the program.

    As for all helps at "", I think I have downloaded and saved many of the add on's. But now plan on going to make sure. Gotta hold on to this stuff!!!!

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